Castlethorpe School Log Book 1914

Jan 5th Re-opened school this morning after Xmas holiday.
Jan 29th May Willison who is under 5 is ill with Chicken pox: As her brother and sister have both had this complaint, I am slowing them to attend school. (According to Regulations).
Feb 5th The attendance of the infants this week is very poor. Eleven are away with chicken pox and several others are absent through clods.
Feb 24th Shrove Tuesday. Half holiday this afternoon.
Mar 2nd The attendance of the infants has improved.
Mar 11th Miss Rainbow is away from school this afternoon by permission of the managers.
Mar 16th The very inclement weather of the last week has caused the attendance to be rather low.
March 16 Checked Registers & found them correct W. Whitbread
Mar 16th Mr. Whitbread one of the managers called in this morning and checked the registers.
Apr 1st The new educational year begins today and most of the children will be promoted.
Ten girls have started a course of 10 lessons in cookery, at Wolverton Centre today.
Apr 2nd Mrs. Middleton went to Wolverton on school business this morning and was out of school from 10.30 a.m. till 11.55a.m..
Apr 8th Closed school today for Easter holidays. Reopen on Monday Apr. 20th.
Apr 20th Admitted 4 infants this morning. [George Alfred Massey, Phyllis Kitty Robinson, Joseph John Bavington, Violet Alice Mills]
Apr 23rd Mr. Richardson, a manager, called this morning and checked the registers.
May 7th Owing to serious family illness, Mrs. Middleton will be absent from school today, with consent of managers.
May 21st Mr. Whitworth H.M.I. visited the school today.
June 15th Two cases of measles, in the same family, were reported to me on Friday evening.
The school nurse visited the school this morning and inspected every child.
She suspended ... ... from school because her head was in such a dirty condition.

Copy of Inspector's Report 1914

Mixed "This school continues to do well. The teaching is sound, the relations between the teachers and the children are of the most satisfactory kind, and the work as a whole merits considerable praise.
The top group, in the immediate charge of the Head Master, is ably taught in every way and the children exhibit much intelligence. Reading is good; Composition is generally satisfactory quality, though a wider vocabulary would be of advantage; the written Arithmetic is distinctly good.
Drawing, too, is quite creditable and Needlework attains to more than ordinary success.
The children of the middle group are making steady progress. Reading is intelligent and Arithmetic is creditably done by the majority of the children. Composition varies in quality, but not a few do it nicely.
The Lowest group is in quite competent hands and every subject shows considerable promise. The practical Arithmetic lessons are especially praiseworthy and some excellent reading is in evidence.
Infant's Division
The evident happiness of the children proves that they are sensibly handled and their interest in their lessons id obvious. The children of the First Class are intelligent, frank little people doing creditably in all respects, and the rest are making very fair progress.
It is necessary to point out for the second or third time that the window ventilation is clearly insufficient, in all the three rooms alike. Not one of the lowest row of panes is openable. This should be remedied at once.

Alfred N. Nicholson correspondent

June 23rd Joseph Willison of Std 2 has now got measles. Have reported the case.
June 26th The nurse called again this afternoon to see the children she had warned about the dirty condition of their heads. She sent three of them home.
July 6th Have reported one more case of measles today. Received notice intended visit of frill instructress tomorrow.
July 17th Mr. Bentley & the nurse called this afternoon to re-examine the warned children. She again excluded 4 of them and I therefore cancelled the attendances of these 4.
July 29th Heard today that a second year course of cookery lessons will be given at Wolverton for the senior girls to commence. Wed: Sept 2nd
July 30th Closed school today for Midsummer Vacation.
Sept 7th Opened school this morning after 5 weeks holiday.
Ten girls are eligible to attend the second year's course in cookery at Wolverton Centre, and will attend on Wednesday for ten weeks.
Sept 8th Received word that Grp: B will be medically examined this term.
The cases of two of the children, who were sent home on July 17th by the nurse & Mr. Bentley, were taken to court. One (West) was fined 7/- and the other (Carpenter) 5/-
Sept 9th This afternoon I sent Bert West to my desk for repeated talking and playing. He refused to be punished - got on the floor and kicked and struggled. I at last got him into the girl's cloak room and there I punished him with the cane on his hand. His behaviour in the cloak room was most impudent.
Sept 30th Mr. Whitbread called in this afternoon and checked registers.
Oct 20th Mr. J. Parrott, temporary attendance officer on place of Mr. Fisher who has gone to the front, called this morning.
Oct 27th The Master will be absent from school today from 10.10a.m. by consent of the managers.
Nov 3rd Mrs. Middleton went to Wolverton on school business this morning from 10.30 to 11.55.
Nov 11th The cookery girls have now completed their 2nd year's course & will discontinue going to Wolverton.
Nov 23rd The main room was very cold this morning at 9a.m. the thermometer only showing 46°.
Nov 30th Since last Monday, the room has been very comfortable - the temperature being over 50 °
Dec 2nd Mrs. Middleton went to Wolverton on School business from 10.30 to 11.55.
Dec 12th Mr. Whitbread called in this afternoon and checked registers.
Dec 14 The main room has been much warmer at 9a.m. since Nov 23rd as is shown by the register kept. During the last week I have been holding the Xmas terminal exam - which is now almost finished.
Dec 22nd Closed school today (Tuesday) for Christmas Vacation. Shall re-open Jan 8th