Castlethorpe School Log Book 1915

Jan 4th Opened school this morning.
Jan 22nd The weather is so cold and wet that we have many children with colds - some away ill.
Feb 2nd Mr. Streatfield H.M.I. called this afternoon and stayed till 3.10.
Feb 3rd Mrs. Middleton went to Wolverton on school business from 10.30 to 11.55a.m.
Mar 9th Mrs. Markham called this afternoon and checked the registers.
Mar 15th The school nurse visited the school this morning and saw every child. She said how very much improved the children were. Only one case was an exclusion.
Mar 22nd The elder girls will this week have a course of cookery lessons in school from 10a.m. to 12. according to the scheme suggested by the County Council. Mrs. Middleton is taking the lessons, she having attended a course of lectures at Wolverton for that purpose.
Mar 31st Closed school today for Easter Holiday.
Apr 12th Opened school this morning & promoted children to their new standards.
Apr 14th Twelve girls attended Wolverton Cookery Centre today.
Apr 26th Drill instructress called this afternoon and inspected the children in physical exercises. Have heard today that we have one case of measles in the school. Have reported the same.
Apr 28 Mr. Richardson called this morning and checked the registers.
Apr 29 We have 5 children absent through measles. Have reported the cases to the School Medical Officer.
Apr 30 Miss Rainbow is absent today through illness.
May 2nd Received word from the Educational Medical Officer to exclude 9 children under 5 who had not had measles; They will be excluded until May 17th
May 4th Mr. Whitworth H.M.I. visited the school today.
May 10th Miss Gregory is away from school today through illness and the few infants that are present are in Mrs. Middleton's room. Miss Rainbow has not yet resumed duties.
May 17th During the past week we have had many more cases of measles. We have only 6 infants present out of 27 and 50 present in the upper group out of 71. Miss Gregory & Miss Rainbow are still absent.
Have heard of one more case of measles this morning.
May 20th Closed school today (Thursday) for Whitsuntide Holiday.
May 31st Opened today with only 50 out of 96 present. Many yet with measles. Miss Rainbow has not yet resumed duties.

Copy Of Inspector's Report 1915

Mixed. This village school continues to render a very satisfactory account of itself. The right spirit fills it, the methods of teaching are characterised by much care and thought, and the children, bright and industrious, are making real progress.
Owing to the reduction of staff on account of falling numbers the children are now classed in two groups instead of three as heretobefore. This makes the work of the two teachers that are left to conduct the school more laborious than before, but it is good to note that they are cheerfully facing the altered conditions and the school is not likely to suffer in any appreciable degree.
The Upper Group, taken by the Head Master presents many pleasing features. Reading, Composition, and Arithmetic are all successful subjects. Geography and English lessons are capably and profitably given, the Light Woodwork of the 9 boys taking it is decidedly creditable, and Carton - Modelling shows satisfactory results. Recitation is accurately known, but more "colour" might be imparted to it.
The Lower Group, taught by the Head Master's wife, is also under efficient instruction and due progress of the children is quite assured. Reading, Recitation, Composition, and Oral Arithmetic are especially satisfactory.
Infant's Division
There are 27 infants on the roll, but no fewer than 12 were absent on the day of inspection by reason of (1) exclusion, in 9 cases, by order of the School Medical Officer, and (2) illness in the remaining cases. This Infant's Section was therefore not seen in its normal state but there is sufficient evidence to show that the children are receiving careful instruction and they undoubtedly have a happy time in school.
Premises It is understood that the desired alterations of the windows in order to secure better ventilation will very shortly be carried into effect. It is indeed high time that this were done.

Alfred N. Nicholson Correspondent.

June 2nd Received notice this morning that the school will be closed until June 14th on account of the measles. Have closed school accordingly.
June 14th Re-opened school this morning. The attendance is better but there are still many away on account of the measles. Miss Rainbow has not yet resumed duties.
June 21st Miss Rainbow resumed duties this morning.
July 29th During last week I have held terminal examination for the whole school. During last month the windows of the school have been attended to as suggested in the last school report.
Owing to the contemplated reduction of staff a new timetable has been prepared and we have been working to it during the past fortnight to see if it is suitable. It seems to work very well.
Closed school today for midsummer holiday. (five weeks).
Sept 6th Opened school this morning but the attendance is poor. Miss Minnie Rainbow has discontinued as assistant mistress here.
Sept 10th The attendance of the 1st Class has been poor this week on account of harvest work.
Oct 7th Reported one case of Impetigo.
The School Nurse visited the school today. She said that on the whole the children were very clean. Only one or two slight cases received warning cards.
Oct 25 Mrs. Markham, called today and checked registers.
Nov 1st Had a day's holiday for the village feast.
Nov 8th The heating apparatus is out of repair. In consequence we shall have to manage with fires. This is not so bad in the class rooms, but the main room is very cold as there is only one small fireplace.
Nov 9th Have received notice this morning that Miss Dunn the drill instructress will visit the school on Friday afternoon the 12th inst:
Nov 18th The heating apparatus has been out of order now for a week, consequently the school is very cold. This morning, the temperature of the main room is 36°
Nov 25th The apparatus is now in order & the school comfortably warm.
Dec 13th Commenced the term's examination today. Shall have to alter a few of the lessons this week on account of it.
Dec 22nd Closed school today (Wednesday) for the Xmas Holiday which lasts until Jan 4th 1916