Castlethorpe School Log Book 1917

Jan 1st Reopened school this morning after 10 days holiday.
Jan 8th The school is very cold - the heating apparatus does not seem strong enough when the weather is at all severe. The temperature of the main room has only been 44° today.
Jan 9th Have had to have fire lighted in main room today as it is so cold.
Jan 18th The weather has been very cold, and many infants are away in consequence. Many of these have colds.
Jan 22nd Miss Gregory is away from school today on account of a bad cold. The infants have had to come into Mrs. Middleton's room with Stds 1 & 2.
Feb 20th Half holiday today Shrove Tuesday.
Mar 7th The school is very cold today as wind is from the north. Although the heating apparatus is on full, the main room does not get properly warm.
Mar 9th Mr. Streatfield the chief inspector called in this afternoon.
Mar 20th Dr Digby White visited the school & examined Group D. children. Mr. Watkins called also.
Mar 29 Mrs. Markham called in this morning and checked the registers.
Apr 2nd On account of the snow last night several children are absent.
Apr 2nd Have promoted the children who are fit for promotion this morning.
Apr 4th Closed school this afternoon (Wednesday) for Easter holiday. School opens next Monday week Apr: 16th.
Apr 16th Opened school this morning.
Apr 18th Sent ... ... home this morning to get her head cleaned. She was absent this afternoon.
May 24th Closed school this afternoon (Thursday) for Whitsuntide Holiday. School re-opens next Monday week.
June 4th Reopened school this morning.
June 6th Mrs. Markham called in this morning and checked & signed registers
June 13 Dr Digby White examined Group A this afternoon. He recommended the retention of Olive Osborne & Sidney Greaves in the Infant Class as they are so deficient.
June 25th School nurse called today & excluded 2 girls for dirty heads.
July 3rd The nurse called again this morning and excluded 6 children. One boy (... ...) was in such a dirty condition that she sent for his mother, to speak to her about the matter.
Aug 7th Commenced the term exams today.
 Aug 17th Have closed the school this (Friday) morning, for five weeks - Midsummer Holiday.
Sept 24th Opened school this (Monday) morning. Have learnt during the holiday that a scheme is on-foot for the children to go out on two afternoons per week for the purpose of gathering blackberries for the army and navy. We shall therefore be out this afternoon. & tomorrow afternoon for that purpose. School will be closed.
Sept 27th Mrs. Markham called in today & checked registers. Have learnt we have one case of whooping cough in the school.
Oct 1st The school nurse called in this morning and examined every child. She excluded three.
The school doctor (Dr Digby White) attended this afternoon & examined Group B (those born 1909). The nurse called his attention to one of the cases of exclusion & the doctor promised to report it to the proper quarter.
Oct 22nd This week will most probably be the last one for the gathering of the blackberries.
Nov 7th Have started today to commence the afternoon sessions at 1.30 instead of 1.45 so as to finish a little earlier during the darkest weeks of winter.
Dec 13th Commence the terminal exams today.
Dec [1]7th Mrs. Markham called in and checked the registers.
Dec 20th Closed school today (Thursday) for the Xmas holidays.