Castlethorpe School Log Book 1918

Jan 1st Reopened school today (Tuesday)
Jan 16th There was a heavy fall of snow in the night and consequently the attendance today is very low.
Jan 30th I have been obliged to send ... ... home this morning. I spoke to her yesterday and told her to speak to her mother about the dirty state of her head and clothes, but they are in the same condition today.
Feb 8th Mr. Reeves (H.M.I.) visited the school and spent the day with us.
Feb 19th Miss Dunn called in this afternoon & inspected the drill of the 1st Class.
Mar 18th Commenced the term's examination today.
Mar 27th Closed school today (Wednesday) for Easter holiday. This extends to Apr: 8th
April 8th Opened school this morning after Easter holiday. Eight children came out of the infant class into Std 1.
Geog 1918 Stds 4 to 7 British Empire
Geog 1918 Std 3 England & Wales
Apr 26 The school nurse called this morning and examined the children unsatisfactory, and reported to their parents. On the whole, she said, the condition of the children had improved.
May 16th Closed school today for Whitsuntide Holiday (Thurs). Reopen Monday May 27th
May 27th Reopened school after Whitsuntide Holiday.
June 5th Mr. Reeves (H.M.I.) visited the school for a few minutes this afternoon.
June 6th Have decided to invite the parents to our first parent's day on June 26th Wednesday in the afternoon.
June 26th There was a very good attendance of parents this afternoon and I think they all enjoyed seeing the children's work. I took the opportunity of speaking to them about inspection of their children.
July 5th The children have earned a half holiday for their good attendance in June, and we are having it this afternoon.
July 29th Shall start the term's examinations today.
Aug 14th Mrs. Markham called in this afternoon and checked the registers.
Aug 16th The attendance this week has been rather poor owing to the absence of several boys helping with harvest.
Close school today for Midsummer Holidays (5 weeks).
Sept 23rd Reopened school this morning and have admitted 3 infants. Joseph Willison who has won a minor scholarship will now attend Wolverton Secondary School.
The children have again been asked to gather blackberries and we shall therefore close school for two or three halfdays per week for the next few weeks. School will therefore be closed for that purpose this afternoon.
Sept 24th Closed school again this afternoon for the picking of blackberries.
Oct 1st Am closing school today so that the children may pick blackberries.
Oct 2nd The children will be gathering blackberries this afternoon. School will therefore be closed.
Oct 3rd Mr. Streatfield H.M.I. called in for a short time this morning and Mrs. Markham one of the managers checked the registers in the afternoon.
Oct 8th The weather promises to be fine today, so the children will be gathering blackberries.
Oct 11th Dr Digby White and the nurse called this afternoon. Dr White examined children born in 1910. The nurse reported that the children's heads were very clean; only one or two had just a few nits.
Oct 15th & 16th School was open these two afternoons but registers not marked as half the children went to gather blackberries.
Oct 22nd & 23rd Same as above 15th & 16th
28th & 29th School closed these two afternoons for blackberry picking.
Nov 8th A good proportion of the children are absent through influenza colds.
Nov 15th At least a third of the children are still absent through influenza.
Dec 6th Miss Dunn county drill instructress called this afternoon & stayed for about an hour.
Dec 16th Have started the Xams term exam: today.
Dec 20th Closed school today for Xmas holiday (a fortnight). Shall reopen school on Jan 6th