Castlethorpe School Log Book 1919

Jan 6th Opened school this morning after Xmas holidays.
Jan 9th Mr. Mapley called in this morning and tested and signed registers.
Jan 28th Miss May Henry the Committee organiser of Needlework Instruction called this afternoon to discuss the teaching of Needlework.
Jan 29th Mr. Reeves (H.M.I.) visited the school and spent the day with us.
Feb 27th Mr. Richardson called in for a few minutes this morning
Mar 4th Half holiday today (Shrove Tuesday).
Mar 17th Mrs. Markham, one of the managers called in this afternoon.
Apr: 3rd Dr. White and the nurse visited the school this afternoon and examined Group D.
Apr: 14th Admitted Mary Seamark today. She is 7 yrs 3 mos. Of age and has no notion yet of even the sound of letters. She will therefore have to remain in the Infant class for at least a year. She has been living in a place over two miles from any school.
Apr 15th Mr. Richardson called in this morning and checked registers.
Apr 16th Closed school today (Wednesday) for Easter holidays.
Apr 28th Opened school this morning (Monday) after Easter holiday. Have promoted most of the children since Apr: 1st. The geography of the 1st Class will be Europe this year, and the other subjects will be as usual.
May 23rd As Empire Day is tomorrow (Sat) we are celebrating it in school today. According to the suggestions of the Educn. Committee we shall spend the day as follows:-
Morning Patriotic Songs & Recitations Lessons on the Union Jack and the Growth of our Empire.
Afternoon Organised games
May 26th The school nurse called this morning and examined the children's heads. She found five more dirty and sent them home.
June 5th Closed school today (Thurs) for Whitsuntide holiday.
June 16th Reopened after Whitsuntide holiday.
June 30th Peace having been signed on Saturday - School is closed this afternoon (Monday).
July 21st Have started the term's examination today.
July 25th Finished the examination this afternoon. I shall invite the parents to school on Friday afternoon Aug 1st when we break up for the summer holiday. This will be our 2nd Parent's Day. Closed School today for 5 weeks' holiday.
Sept 9th Opened school today after summer holiday. Ten girls start a ten weeks' course of cookery lessons at Wolverton Centre this week. They will attend every Tuesday.
Oct 3rd The medical inspection of Grp B by Dr. Bailey took place this afternoon.
Oct 6th The school nurse called today and examined each child as to cleanliness.
Oct 24th Closed school today for the Peace Week Holiday. Shall re-open Tuesday Nov 4th.
Nov 5th School Nurse called again today in order to examine two or three children she specially mentioned in Oct:
Nov 24 We have got about half a dozen cases of Whooping Cough in the school. Several others have got very bad coughs but do not whoop.
Dec 8th The attendance is still very poor. About twenty children are away through bad coughs.
Dec 15 The school nurse called in this afternoon to see several children she had notified in Nov:
Dec 15 Have held the terminal examinations today and shall continue them this week.
Dec 19 Closed school today (Friday) for Xmas holiday. Shall reopen on Tuesday Jan 6th next.