Castlethorpe School Log Book 1920

Jan 6th Opened school today (Tuesday) after Xmas holiday.
Jan 28 Mr. Reeves (H.M.I.) visited the school and spent the day with us.
Mar 8th Dr. Bailey visited the school and medically inspected the children of Group D. (Prospective leavers).
Mar 22nd Have commenced the terminal examination today.
Mar 26th Miss Butcher visited the school today and saw the children do physical exercises.
Apr 19th Miss Henry the County Directress of Needlework visited the school and inspected the girls' needlework.
Apr 23 The School nurse visited today and examined the heads of all the children.
May 19th Mr. Richardson, one of the managers called this morning and checked registers.
June 15th Dr. Bailey and the nurse visited the school this afternoon in order to examine Group A. (infants).
July 9th Sidney Gray & Harold Atkins are attending the Oral Test at Wolverton Council School today in connection with the Minor Scholarship Exam.
July 16th The above two boys have gained Scholarships and will commence at Wolverton Secondary school next term.
July 29th Held our 3rd "Parents' Day". A great many parents visited the school and inspected the children's work. I was pleased to see the great interest taken in it.
July 30th Closed school today (Friday) for midsummer holiday. (5 weeks).
Sept 7th Tuesday. Reopened school today after the holidays. A good number absent. Some helping in the harvest. Have started the drill from the New Physical Training Syllabus.
Sept 24th The school nurse called this morning and saw each child.
Oct 7th This afternoon at 4.17 the father of a child (Eva Cook) entered the school in a disorderly manner. He asked why his child was in the school and I told him she was being detained a few minutes for disobedience. He sent his child home and said he would have her out at 4 o'clock each day. I told I should report the matter to the managers.
Oct 28th Mr. Watkins called this afternoon.
Nov 4th Mr. Mapley called in today and checked registers.
Nov 5th The school nurse called to see children absent on occasion of her last visit.
Dec 13th The weather is very cold today and the school temperature only 46° in the main room.
Dec 14th Have had fire in main room today and it is a little warmer: 50°
Have started the Xmas terminal exam.
Dec 22nd Closed school today (Wednesday) for the Christmas holiday - to reopen on Tuesday Jan 4th