Castlethorpe School Log Book 1922

Jan 9th Opened school this morning after Christmas holidays
Feb 6th The school has been cold today - at no time has it been above 45°.
Feb 7th Had a fire in the main room today and the temperature has been 49°
Feb 8th Mr. Reeves H.M.I. visited school for a short time this afternoon.
Feb 28th Had a whole day's holiday (Shrove Tuesday) on the occasion of Princess Mary's wedding.
Mar 27 Have held the terminal examination this week.
Mar 31 Examined 12 infants this morning. These will start as Std. 1 on Monday next.
Apr 3rd Have today promoted all Classes; and 12 children from the infants into Std 1. Shall now commence the new work in all classes. The geography for Stds 5 to 7 this year will be the British Empire.
Apr 5th Seven girls started this morning (Wednesday) for a course of lessons at Wolverton centre in Housewifery.
Apr 12th Closed school today for Easter holiday ( until Tuesday April 25th).
Apr 25th Reopened school today after Easter Vacation. Have admitted 3 children into infant class this week.
May 4th The school nurse visited the school this morning and saw each child.
June 1st Closed school today (Thursday) for Whitsuntide Holiday. Shall re-open on Wednesday morning next June 7th.
June 9th Dr. Bailey visited school this afternoon and medically examined Group A Infants.
June 20 Mr. Mapley called in this morning and checked registers.
June 28 Mr. Watkins visited the school today and checked the registers.
July 20th The school nurse visited this morning and examined each child.
July 24th Most of this week's work will be revision of what has been taken this term, in preparation for the terminal examination. Received the list of Scholarship awards. May Willison has been successful in gaining a Minor Scholarship. Her sister Doris Willison gained one last year 1921.
July 28 Mr. Vickers H.M.I. Visited school today.
Aug 3rd Have closed school today for Midsummer Holiday. Shall re-open on Tuesday Sept 5th 1922. Parents' Day - many parents visited this afternoon and the children gave an exhibition of their work.
Sept 5th Re-opened school today.
Sept 7th Miss Neale, inspectress of Needlework in place of Miss Henry visited school this morning to see the girls' Needlework.
Oct 11th The nurse called this morning and examined every child. She found two who needed exclusion for a few days and the parents have been notified.
Oct 26th Have closed school today for Half term holiday which consists of tomorrow (Friday & Monday next). Shall re-open on Tuesday next Oct 231st.
Nov 15th As the school is being used as a polling station in the General Election it will be closed today (Wednesday).
Dec 18th Have commenced the terminal examinations today which will interfere with timetable a little.
Dec 21st Closed school this (Thursday) afternoon for Xmas holiday. Shall re-open on Monday Jan 8th