Castlethorpe School Log Book 1923

Jan 8th Re-opened on Monday Jan 8th
Jan 17 Miss Dunn H.M.I. visited school today (Wednesday)
Mar 19th Have commenced the terminal examination today.
Mar 26th As the school is needed today from 12 o'clock, on account of an election for District Councillor, there will be a half-holiday this afternoon.
Mar 28th Closed school this afternoon (Wednesday) for the Easter Holiday - Shall reopen on Tuesday morning Apr 10th
Apr 10th Reopened school this (Tuesday) morning and promoted most of the children. The geography this year is. Stds V to VII Europe Stds III to II British Isles with special attention to England.

Copy of Inspector's Report 1923 Date of visit 17.1.23
"This is an efficiently conducted school. The scholars are of very fair natural intelligence, which is developed in various suitable directions.
A good grounding is given in most of the foundational subjects among which the strongest point is probably Arithmetic and the weakest spelling.
History and Geography are taught on increasingly intelligent lines, and good results in the former subject were seen in both Senior and Junior sections. Manual work, including the Girls' needlework, receives competent handling.
In music lessons a good choice of songs is made, but in Singing at sight, the children have not yet learned to apply the Sol Fa System to the staff with sufficient ease.
Number work in the Infant Class has improved, but it is important that the older infants, as well as the children in the junior standards, should be trained to build words with greater accuracy and readiness. This, combined with careful speech and ear training, should tend in time to produce the desired improvement in Spelling.
A commendable amount of literary and general reading is done by the children, the purpose of which would be probably strengthened by its embodiment as a part of the otherwise well complied English Scheme.
James Marsh Correspondent

Apr 26th Had a whole day's holiday today (Thursday) on the occasion of the marriage of Prince Henry.
May Myrtle Byng was seven years of age on the 4th of the present month, but she is so backward on account of absence through ill health that she must stay in the infant class, at least another term.
May 18th Close school today for Whitsuntide holiday. Shall have Mon, Tues & Wed holiday and re-open on Thurs - May 24th
June 25th There are several cases of measles in the village, but as yet, only two children of the school are affected.
June 27th Received a wire from the County Medical Officer telling me to exclude all children who have not had measles.
June 28 37 children who have not had measles are now excluded.
June 28 Have just received instructions to close school till July 9th
July 7th Have received further instructions that closure will be continued till July 16th as one more case has just occurred.
July 16th Opened school this morning - only 5 children are away through measles - only two school children have had it this time.
July 25th Have commenced the Terminal Examination today. Owing to the closure for measles, I have not been able to cover quite as much ground as I had hoped. However, I must try to make up for this next term.
Aug 2nd Closed school today (Thursday) for the summer holiday, (one month). During the holiday, the school will be cleaned, distempered, varnished etc. inside, and heating apparatus attended to, more pipes being added where necessary, so that it should be more comfortable during the coming winter.
Sept 3rd Opened school today after midsummer vacation.
Sept 10th The geography of 1st class this year was Europe, but I have decided to add a broad survey of Africa so that the geography of the upper divisions is as follows:-
Stds 3 & 4. A broad survey of the British Isles.
Stds 5, 6, & 7 Europe & Africa
Oct 1st During the past two months the children have been working in three teams, having marks for all their work. There is keen rivalry between the teams and it has stimulated them to do their very best.
Oct 19th Received report of the Organiser of Needlework.
"Visited 2nd October 1923. The work is wisely arranged and much useful economy is practised. The articles and garments are in most cases neatly worked and the arrangement of the processes well carried out. All the decoration is original and the working out of these designs very good".
Oct 25th Closed school today for the Mid-Term holiday. Which consists of tomorrow Friday the 26th & Monday the 29th.
Nov 14th Mr. Bloxidge H.M.I. visited school today (Wednesday).
Nov 19th Have had to report several cases of chicken pox.
Nov 26th There are now about a dozen absent through chicken pox.
Dec 14th Twenty children are now absent through Chicken Pox.
Dec 14th Mr. Manning called this morning and checked registers
Dec 14th Have commenced the terminal examination today.
Dec 21st Have closed school today Friday for the Christmas holidays. Shall re-open on Jan 7th after a fortnight's holiday.