Castlethorpe School Log Book 1925

Jan 5th Opened school after Xmas holiday.
Jan 12th The exam: for last term will be taken this week.
Feb 20th Have reported several cases of mumps this week.
Feb 24th Children are having half holiday today Shrove Tuesday.
Mar 13th The teachers having to attend an educational lecture at Wolverton, the school will be closed this afternoon.
Mar 16th Most of the children who have been away with mumps have now returned.
Mar 20th Held the Record of Progress Examination this morning. One of the managers Mr. J. H. Green came in to the first part of the exam: and Mr. W. Manning later on.
April 6th Owing to the Election of the Parish Council being held in the school today - the school will be closed this afternoon.
April 8th Closed school today (Wednesday) for the Easter Holiday and shall re-open on Tuesday April 21st.
April 21st Opened school this morning (Tuesday) after Easter holiday. During Easter week another outbreak of measles has occurred and consequently only 35 children are present. I have reported the matter to the County Health Office.
May 15th Received the needlework report of the Organiser of Needlework which is as follows:- "Visited 7th May 1925. Some well-shaped large garments were seen. The processes have in most cases been skilfully handed and thoroughly well carried out. Lower Group - The handwork is very satisfactory".
June 19th Have now got most of the children who had measles back again at school and the attendance is very good.
July 20th Mrs. Markham one of the school managers visited the school this afternoon.
July 21st I shall hold the terminal examination as opportunities afford during this week, consequently the time table order of lessons may be interfered with a little.
July 27th Mrs. Markham called this afternoon and checked the registers.
July 30th Closed school today (Thursday) for summer holiday.
Aug 31st Reopened school today (Monday) after summer holiday and commenced new term's work.
Sept 11th The attendance has been very good the last two week 95% & 94%.
Oct 2nd Percentage of attendance this week 96.9
Oct 9th Percentage of attendance this week 93.4.
Oct 16 Percentage of attendance this week 93.5
Oct 27th Mr. Forbes H.M.I. visited the school today.
Nov 13th The attendance this week has been very poor especially in the infant class, where many of the children are away through colds.
Nov 14th Copy of Inspector's Report 1925
"The industry of all three teachers and their interest in the work and the welfare of the children are easily seen. The scholars in the top group, with few exceptions, are more than ordinarily bright and willing in response to oral questions in History, Geography and the Literature that they study
In this group the Headmaster strikes a fair balance between Private study and Class instruction and the intelligence displayed by some of the children indicates good teaching and stimulus to thought. In map drawing more practice might be given in preparing various maps of distribution on a larger scale.
The only serious disappointment of the day was in the Arithmetic, in which all three top standards broke down over tests (both oral and written) which were well within their normal range. It is only fair to add that the exercise books showed much steady and sensible work, carefully reviewed and corrected which went far to modify the impression created by their performance on the day of inspection. There is room for more varied and more constant practice in the employment of short methods of calculation which do not readily occur to the children.
Reading is generally intelligently delivered throughout the school, but there is a tendency to hurry which leads to needless slips. The subject matter is well noted and discussed by the majority of the scholars, and through the delivery in Recitation is also apt to be hurried, the sense is not missed. In general, the answering of the children, though a little impetuous, gives much pleasure by reason of their active attention and effort, which seems to be encouraged by the Team system adopted.
Composition reaches a credible level. "Script" writing is now being dropped from Std 1 upwards but the Headmaster has been recommended to give renewed consideration to the advantage of retaining it till a later stage.
A review of the drawing books suggested that rather too much time is devoted to mechanical drawing as compared with object drawing or original design.
It is desirable that the use of slates in the Infants' division should be discontinued.
The general impression left by the school is a favourable one.
James Marsh Correspondent
Dec 11th The attendance during the past few weeks has been very poor owing to clods caused by the inclement weather.
Dec 18th During the past few weeks the children have had their terminal examination.
Dec 22nd Miss Annie Gregory who has been the Infant Teacher since the school opened in 1891, terminated her duties today Dec 22nd 1925. Closed school today for Xmas holidays.