Castlethorpe School Log Book 1926

Jan 6th Reopened school today after a fortnight's holiday. Miss Mazzone of Newport Pagnell has been sent to take temporary charge of the infants.
Feb 16th Shrove Tuesday - school will be closed this afternoon for the usual half holiday.
Mar 1st Miss Lack commenced duties as infant teacher this morning.
Mar 19th Held the C.C. exam: this morning in arithmetic & composition - Mr. Whiting & Mrs. Markham (manager) were present. The average number of sums right in the 1st Class out of 8 sums 4.5. This afternoon is a half holiday to enable master to mark the exam. papers.
Mar 31st Closed school today for the Easter Holiday; shall re-open on Tuesday April 13th.
April 13th Reopened School today.
April 21st Miss Neale, inspectress of needlework, visited school today.
May 21st Received needlework report today. The following is a copy of the same.
May 21st "Visited 21st April 1926. "The Needlework is carefully planned and of a varied type. The garments and household articles are well proportioned, daintily ornamented and neatly finished - good."
May 21st Closed school today for the Whitsuntide holiday - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.
June 16th Harold Bywater and Winnie Woodward are attending the Oral Examination in connection with the Minor Scholarship today. They will therefore be marked present.
June 29th Mr. Whiting called in and checked registers this morning.
July 2nd School closed today.
July 9th The master has been absent this week through illness. Mrs. Middleton has carried on school as usual.
July 12th The master has resumed duties this morning.
July 19th Commenced the terminal examination today, and the time table order of lessons may be interfered with a little.
July 29th Have closed school today for the Midsummer holidays - This afternoon (Thursday) many of the parents attended, Parents' Day.
Aug 30th Reopened school today after Midsummer holidays. The outside of school has been painted and doors put to the children's offices.
Sept 17th Mr. Bloxidge H.M.I. visited the school this morning and stayed all day.
Oct 1st Miss M. Cook commenced duties today in place of Mrs. Middleton who has resigned.
Oct 4th Mr. Richardson called in this afternoon and checked the registers.
Oct 28th Closed school today (Thurs) for half term holiday. Tow days Fri: 29th & Mon Nov 1st
Nov 15th Miss Lack has been absent from school today owing to the illness of her mother.
Nov 15th From today as are starting school in the afternoon at 1.30 instead of 1.45 as there are about a dozen children who live rather a long distance from school and it is necessary that they leave at 4 o'clock.
Nov 26 Miss Lack is absent this morning owing to illness. A half holiday in the afternoon.
Nov 29 Miss Lack is absent this morning and will be absent the whole of the week; consequently Miss Cook is taking the infant class and Std 1 & Std 2 & 3 are being taught by the master.
Dec 6 Miss Lack is still away and the arrangement this week will be similar to last week.
Dec 13th Miss Lack resumed duties this morning. The terminal examination will be commenced today.
Dec 20th Have finished the terminal exams: today.
Dec 23rd Close school today (Thursday) for the Christmas Holiday. School re-opens on Monday morning Jan 10th 1927