Castlethorpe School Log Book 1927

Jan 10th Opened school this morning and commenced new term's work.
Jan 17th The attendance is rather poor this morning. The weather is bad and many are away with colds and influenza.
Jan 21st The percentage this week is only 67.4
Jan 24th There are only 24 children present this morning. The rest are away with influenza colds.
Jan 28th The percentage of attendance this week has been only 47.7 through influenza. I have reported the fact to Education Office Aylesbury.
Feb 14th Admitted Walter & Francis Walker this morning. Francis is 8 years old in May and is subject to fits. He has not attended school much at any time consequently he is only fit for the infants. Walter is 13 in May and is only in Std 3.
Feb 24th Was informed by the Education Office the period Jan 24th to Jan 28th may be taken under Rule 23 Exemption 2 and those attendances not reckoned when calculating the average attendance for the quarter Ending Mar 25th.
Mar 1st Half holiday today (Shrove Tuesday)
Mar 11th Miss Lack has been absent from school today.
Mar 25th Have held the Education Committee Exam this morning and Mr. Whiting was present.
April 1st Upon the results of the above exam: two children from this school will take the Minor Schol: Exam in May. Have promoted most of the children this morning. Only four come up out of the infant class.
April 13th Have closed school this (Wednesday) afternoon for Easter holiday. Reopen on Tuesday Apr: 26th
April 26th Opened school today after Easter holiday.
May 10th Mr. Whiting called in this morning and checked the registers.
Admitted two children from Lincoln Lodge cottages. Marjorie & Kathleen Brown. Marjorie is nine in July and is scarcely fit for Std 1.
May 20th Mr. Hands H.M.I. visited the school today. He suggested that the teacher of Stds I to III and the Infant teacher should visit other schools of a similar type to this. These visits will be paid during the present summer.
June 22nd Miss Neale the County organiser for needlework visited the school and examined the girls' needlework. She suggested raffia work for the lower boys.
July 15th Miss Cook will be absent from school this morning to visit Paulerspury school; in accordance with the suggestion of H.M.I. of May 20th last.
During her absence I examined Stds 2 and three in English, Geography and History.
Have also been holding the terminal examination in Stds 4 to 7 this week.
July 21st Miss Lack will be absent this morning to visit Roade Infant School in accordance with suggestion of H.M.I.
July 22nd Received the Needlework report from the Organiser of Needlework for the County:-
"Miss Cook has commenced in a promising manner. The garments chosen are useful and dainty and some quite neat work is being accomplished.
Lower Group. The handwork is pleasing."
July 28th This afternoon we held "Parents' Day". The parents saw some of the children's work and the children entertained them with songs, dances, and plays. We also closed this (Thursday) afternoon for the Midsummer Holidays, to reopen on Aug 29th.
Aug 29th Reopened school this morning and commenced new term's work.
Sept 26th I went into Infant Class this morning and heard the Group 1 read. The reading is good and I think has improved a little since I last heard them.
Oct 27th Closed school this afternoon (Thursday) for Half Term holiday - shall re-open on Tuesday morning next Nov 1st.
Nov 11th Examined a few of the 2nd Class infants in reading - they are certainly making improvement.
Nov 25th Holiday today.
Dec 1st Went into infant room this morning and again examined 2nd Class. The reading is quite good with the majority - but number is not very strong - they need a great deal of attention in this.
Dec 15th Mr. Pemberton H.M.I. visited the school this morning and again this afternoon.
Dec 21st The roads this morning are in a very slippery conditions - so bad that many of the younger children were quite unable to get to school.
Dec 22nd Closed school today (Thursday afternoon) for the Xmas holidays - Reopen Jan 9th