Castlethorpe School Log Book 1928

Jan 9th Re-opened school this morning and started new term's work.
Jan 12th Received inspector's report of his visit on 15th ult. Copy of it on next page [252].
Feb 12th Half day holiday this afternoon (Shrove Tuesday).
Page 252 Copy of Inspector's Report
Inspected on 15th Dec: 1927 Report by H.M.I. Mr. R.O.W. Pemberton
"The all round efficiency, to which previous reference has been made, has been fully maintained, and it is evident that there has been no relaxation of effort on the part of the Head Master or his staff.
Composition, Arithmetic and Literature are subjects of which special mention may be made, more particularly in the Upper standards.
The work of the Lower standards is on the whole promising, though Arithmetic is at present a comparatively weak subject.The general tone of the school is satisfactory and the planning of the course of instruction is through.

James Marsh Correspondent
Mar 2nd Owing to the Handwork Exhibition at Wolverton Council School today (Friday) and tomorrow, the school will be closed today.
Mar 26th Have commenced the terminal examination today.
April 4th Closed school today for the Easter holiday - shall re-open on Tuesday April 17th.
April 17th Opened school today (Tuesday) after the Easter holiday.
The children were promoted on April 1st
The geography of Stds 4 to 7 this year will be a general geography of the world as a change from the other two schemes in the syllabus.
May 25th Closed school today (Friday) for Whitsuntide holiday.
May 31st Opened school today (Thursday) after Whitsuntide holiday.
Eight girls of 12 yrs old are attending Wolverton Cookery centre every Friday for instruction in Cookery Housewifery etc.
June 19th Miss Neale the County organiser for Needlework visited the school this morning to inspect the girls' needlework.
June 20th Mrs. Markham called in this afternoon and checked the registers.
June 29th Mr. Whiting called in this afternoon and checked registers.
July 3rd Received word that the Domestic Instruction would terminate on Oct 5th next instead of Easter 1929.
July 11th Mr. Firth H.M.I. called this afternoon and examined some of the children's work.
 July 20th Received the following report from the County Organiser of Needlework who visited the school on June 19th
"The needlework is being carried out on useful articles and garments, and much useful work has been accomplished. Several suggestions were made, Which Miss Cook will bring into operation as soon as possible. Infants are working on right lines - good "

Have been holding the Terminal examination this week.

July 26th "Parent's Day" today. Children entertained the parents this afternoon with songs, plays and dances. Closed school this afternoon for the summer holidays - School re-opens on Monday August 27th.
Aug 30th Mr. W. Markham visited the school this afternoon and checked the registers.
Sept 10th In accordance with the wish of H.M.I. who visited the school on July 11th last, a new time table for the infant class has been drawn up and will be given several weeks' trial before being submitted for signature.
Sept 26th Mr. Watkins called in this afternoon.
Oct 3rd Mr. Richardson called in and checked registers this afternoon.
Oct 22nd Mrs. Markham called in this afternoon and checked the registers.
Nov 23rd School closed this afternoon for a Merit half holiday.
Nov 29th Have reported two cases of scarlet fever to school medical officer today.
Dec 10th I shall give terminal examination to the whole school this week.
Dec 14th Miss Lack is absent today through illness. (Friday)
Dec 17th Miss Lack returned to duties this morning.
Dec 18th Have examined the infants today.
Dec 20th Closed school today for the Christmas Holidays. The children had their usual Christmas treat in the school this evening.