Castlethorpe School Log Book 1929

Jan 7th Re-opened school this morning after Christmas holiday. Have had 2 cases of Scarlet Fever among the children during the holiday.
Jan 14th Have reported one more case of Scarlet Fever.
Jan 16th The weather is rather severe and consequently many of the infants are away - only 10 are present out of 28.
Jan 24th Miss Wood came this morning to see the Physical Training.
Feb 12th Half Holiday this afternoon (Shrove Tuesday).
Feb 19th The attendance is gradually getting better. Many have been away with severe colds owing to the very cold weather.
March 1st Had one of the 10 occasional half holidays this afternoon.
March 8th Miss Lack has been absent today through illness.
Mar 15th Held the scholars' record of progress exam this morning. Mr. Markham was present during the exam. School was closed in afternoon while master marked the papers.
Mar 22nd Miss Lack is absent today through illness.
Mar 27th Miss Lack has been absent Mon: Tues & Wed this week Mar: 25, 26 & 27 through illness.
Mar 27th Closed school today for Easter holiday.
April 9th Opened school today - Miss Lack is still absent.
April 24th Miss Lack is still too unwell to attend school and Miss M. C. Rowe has commenced temporary duties this morning with the infant class. (Wednesday).
May 6th Miss Lack resumed duties this morning (Monday) after her illness.
May 17th Closed school this afternoon for a week's holiday.
May 30th School is closed today as it is a polling station for the General Election.
June 11th Mr. Bloxidge visited school and stayed morning and afternoon.
June 23rd Miss Neale the County organiser for needlework visited the school today and examined the girls' work.
July 15th Have commenced the terminal examination today Monday.
July 18th Needlework Report received "Practical work of varied types is being done. The methods of making up the garments indicate careful tuition. Colours are well chosen and the work is very satisfactory."
July 19th Have finished the terminal examination for Stds 1 to 7 today.
July 26th Have closed school today (Thursday) for the midsummer holiday for four weeks. During the holiday a new block floor will be put in the main room.
Aug 26th The school should have opened today but the block floor is not quite finished, consequently we cannot commence until next Monday Sept 2nd.
Sept 2nd According to the recent circular issued from the Education Office, a new educational year starts with this term. To comply with this, I am promoting the suitable children today. The remainder will thus have four terms for their year's work instead of three.
Sept 13th Mr. Markham called in and checked registers.
Oct 11th Have been working from new time table now for a fortnight and it is very satisfactory. Shall continue now to do so.
Nov 19th Mrs. Connolly is not at school this morning owing to illness.
Dec 4th Received notice from Medical Officer of Health to exclude Edna Wingrave from school.
Mrs. Markham called and checked the registers.
Dec 10th Several children are obliged to be absent through the heavy floods.
Dec 19th Closed school today for Christmas holiday. Gave children a treat in school, in the evening.