Castlethorpe School Log Book July 1st 1930

Mr. Middleton retires May 29th - Miss Buxton Arrives to become Head Teacher July 1st.  
Jan 6th Reopened school this morning after Christmas holidays.
Jan 8th Mrs. Markham, one of the managers, called and checked the registers.
Jan 6th Mrs. Connolly has resigned and Miss Kathleen Duffy has commenced duties here this morning with the Infant Class.
Jan 28th The nurse examined all children present and found five not clean - she sent notices to the parents.
Feb 18th Nurse attended again and excluded two of the above five.
Mar 7th The children have not had the usual half holiday for Shrove Tuesday (Mar 4th) but have had this afternoon instead.
Mar 13th Have had the yearly Record of Progress Examination this morning. Three managers Mr. Markham the chairman; Mrs. Markham and Mr. Richardson.
Miss Duffy is on probation for two months. I sent a report to Education Office on her work last week. She has yet to be recognised by the Bd of Education.
Mar 24th Have held the terminal examination this week.
April 1st Have removed six of the best of the infants into Std 1 this morning.
April 16th Closed school today (Wednesday for the Easter Holiday. Reopen on Tuesday April 29th.
April 29th Reopened school this morning. The children of eleven years of age and over have been transferred to Wolverton Council School and this becomes a Junior School.
Std 1 new work with infants and Stds 2 to 5 are in main room.
May 9th Have added a third syllabus for Stds 2 to 5 in some subjects- Have left a few subjects to be filled in by new head teacher according to her own choice.
May 29th I finished my work in this school today as I have resigned owing to retirement.
H. H. Middleton
June 2nd I, Naomi Nevill, permanent supply, commenced duties in charge of this school this morning.
June 3rd Mr. Watkins visited the school this morning and checked the registers.
June 6th Closed school this afternoon for one week - Whitsun holidays.
June 16th Re-opened school this morning after the Whitsun holiday.
June 17th Mr. Watkins visited the school.
June 30th I, Naomi Nevill, finished duty in this school today.
July 1st I, Alice Mabel Buxton, commenced duties this morning as Head Teacher
July 9th Mr Firth H. M. I. visited the school this afternoon
July 16th Mrs Markham visited the school & signed the registers
July 17th The Doctor visited the school this afternoon for a routine examination of Group A children
July 24th Closed school today for the midsummer holiday of four weeks. During the holiday the interior of the school will be colour washed.
  Copy of Report . by H. M. I. Mr H Firth
Inspected on 11th June 1929 and 9th July 1930
The senior children of this school have recently been transferred to a larger one on the retirement of the Head Master and it is now conducted as a school for Junior and Infant children under a Head Mistress. The necessity for considerable adjustments in the Time Table, Scheme and Methods which this change in itself involves, is accentuated by some falling away in the general quality of the work since the date of the last report. The older children are not unresponsive and show signs of effective grounding in the three primary subjects, but much of the rest of the curriculum lacks point and system and needs careful attention. The new Head Mistress however in a very short time has grasped the situation and may be relied upon to cope with it.
The work of the Infant Class has fallen to a very low level indeed, which the present young teacher has not been able materially to improve. The primary subjects are extremely backward, and the general condition of this section will prove to be a serious handicap to subsequent instruction unless taken firmly in hand forthwith.

J. Marsh

Aug 25th Reopened school this morning after the midsummer holidays.
Aug 26th I took Stds. 11 - V for a Nature walk this afternoon.
Sept 11th The School Dentist visited school this afternoon.
Sept 15th I took Stds. 1V - V to visit the Museum at Northampton on Sept.13th (Sat.)
Sept 16th Miss Woods, Physical Training Organiser, visited school today.
Sept 29th Nurse visited school, examined all the children and excluded one.
Oct 3rd Mr Richardson visited the school and checked the register.
Oct 8th The Dentist visited school today and eleven children received treatment.
Oct 20th Miss Neale, County Organiser for Needlework, visited school this afternoon and examined the needlework and handwork.
Oct 27th I took Fire Drill Practice this morning.
Oct 30th Closed school this afternoon for the half term holiday.
Nov 4th School re-opened this morning (Tues).
Nov 6th Mr Richardson visited school this morning.
Nov 7th Mr Cook Assistant Director, visited school this afternoon.
Dec 10th Mr Markham visited school this morning.
Dec 15th Mr Richardson visited school this morning.
Dec 15th Mrs Markham visited school this afternoon.
Dec 19th Closed school this afternoon for the Christmas holidays.