Castlethorpe School Log Book 1935

Jan 7 School re-opened this morning.
Jan 16th Nurse visited school this afternoon and reported all the children clean.
Jan 22nd Col. Williams and Mr Richardson visited school this morning.
Feb 7th Mr Bloxidge H.M.I. visited school today.
Feb 19th Nurse examined absentee from previous visit.
Mr Charlton visited school this afternoon.
Feb 26th The Doctor visited school this morning for routine medical examination.
Feb 27th Mr Clarke visited school this morning and signed the registers.
Copy of Report.
The present condition of the school represents a very creditable advance on that noted in the last Report, and satisfactory progress has been made in all the matters formerly criticised. The favourable impressions given by the bright and attractive rooms, the thoughtful industry of the Head Mistress, and the cheerful and steady behaviour of the children, are fully confirmed by the quality of the work which will bear close scrutiny in all its details.
The neatness and accuracy of the Written Exercises in Arithmetic and English probably deserve special praise, but the oral English is also good, while the children respond freely from a satisfactory fund of knowledge in the informative subjects. Handwork and Drawing have merit, and the progress already made in Sight-singing will no doubt be accelerated with a Percussion Band available.
The Teacher of the Infant class is gaining confidence and power and the work of the children here is quite forward. The Writing exercises should be done in books instead of loose sheets of paper, and an earlier start might well be made with written expression

James Marsh

Mar 5th Half-holiday today. ( Shrove Tuesday )
Mar 15th Preliminary Intelligence Test for Scholarship Examination held this morning.
Mr Stephen Moore visited school this morning to help in the Percussion Band work.
Mar 22nd Secondary School Examination today. School closed this afternoon.
April 17th School closed this afternoon for Easter Holidays.
April 30th School re-opened this morning.
May 3rd School closed this afternoon until Wednesday May 8th for the King's Silver Jubilee.
May 13th Nurse examined all the children and reported them all clean.
May 29th School closed this afternoon for School Sports.
June 3rd School closed today for the children to pay a visit to the Zoo.
June 7th Mr Richardson visited school this morning and signed the register.
School closed this afternoon for Whitsun holiday.
June 17th Opened school this morning.
The school Doctor visited school this afternoon for examination of Group A children.
June 20th School will be closed tomorrow in order that Miss Haynes and I can attend a Conference at Aylesbury on "The Teaching of English"
July 4th I received information that Lillie Mothersole and Eric May were both successful at the recent Scholarship Examination, and they will now attend Wolverton Secondary School.
July 18th Today we had an 'Open Afternoon'. The children entertained many parents and friends with a play and some percussion band items. There was also an exhibition of needlework and handwork.
Aug 26th School re-opened this morning.
Aug 27th The Dentist visited school this morning for routine inspection.
Sept 20th School closed this afternoon until Wed. Sept. 25th. Mid term holiday.
Sept 30th The Dentist visited the school today for treatment.
Oct 24th Miss Neale visited school this morning and saw the needlework and handwork.
Nurse came this afternoon and reported the whole school clean.
Oct 30th The Dentist visited school today for further treatment.
Nov 6th School closed today for the Royal Wedding.
Nov 14th School closed today owing to the Schoolroom being used for the General Election.
Copy of Report on Needlework from the County Organiser. Visited 24th October 1935.
"There is wise planning of the processes which is resulting in a sound foundation for the Senior School. Manipulation, stitchery and neatness are good. Infants work is most pleasing".
Dec 4th I was absent from school this afternoon in order to attend the Speech Day at the Secondary School.
Dec 13th One of the occasional half-holidays this afternoon.
Dec 17th Mr Richardson visited school this afternoon and signed the registers.
Dec 19th School closed this afternoon for the Christmas holidays.