Castlethorpe School Log Book 1945

Jan 8th Re-opened school this morning.
Feb 1st The Practice Test for the Scholarship Test was given this morning.
Feb 2nd The Preliminary Scholarship Examination was held this morning.
Feb 9th School will be closed on Monday 12th for half term and a whole day's holiday on Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday) has been granted.
Feb 14th School re-opened this morning.
Mar 1st Mrs Cook visited school this afternoon and signed the registers.
Mar 15th Nurse visited school this morning and examined all the children present. She also tested vision of children born in 1936.
Mar 16th Secondary School Entrance Examination held this morning. School closed this afternoon.
Mar 21st The Doctor visited school this morning for routine examination.
Mar 27th School closed today for Easter holidays.
April 12th School re-opened this morning.
April 18th Miss Thompson visited school this morning to take physical training. She will be visiting us each Wednesday morning this term.
May 2nd Nurse visited school this morning and reported everyone clean.
May 8th V.E. DAY. School closed today and tomorrow.
May 16th One girl sat for Supplementary Secondary Schools Entrance Examination this morning.
May 17th Open Afternoon. Many parents visited school and the children entertained them with country dancing and percussion band items.
May 18th School closed today for Whitsun holiday.
May 28th School re-opened this morning.
June 29th Half-holiday this afternoon for the children to take part in the Inter-School Sports at Wolverton.
July 5th School closed today for the General Election,
July 9th Kathleen June Collyer has gained admission to the Wolverton Grammar School.
July 23rd
North Bucks Schools
Sports Association
Folk Dancing
The Parchment Certificate for Infant Class
At the North Bucks Country Dancing Festival held on Sat last July 21st at Newport Pagnell the two teams entered each gained first place in their class. The Infant Team won the Parchment Certificate and the Junior Girls’ Team obtained the Trophy for County Schools.

This Certificate was won by
Stoke Goldington 1939
Castlethorpe 1945
Castlethorpe 1946
Castlethorpe 1947
July 26th Mr. Gobbey visited school this afternoon and signed the registers.
July 27th School closed today for summer holiday.
Sept 10th School re-opened this morning.
Sept. 14th The School Dentist visited school this morning for routine inspection.
Oct 4th Mrs. Cook visited school this afternoon and signed the registers
Oct 29th Nurse inspected the children this morning and reported all clean.
Oct 31st School closed to day for Half Term Holiday.
Nov 5th School re-opened this morning.
Nov 15th Owing to the failure of all the heating apparatus the school has been extremely cold. I have today moved my class from the large room into one of the smaller classrooms
Dec 7th Half - holiday this afternoon.
Dec 11th Mrs. Cook visited school this afternoon.
Dec 19th School closed today for Christmas holidays