Castlethorpe School Log Book 1950

Jan 10th School re-opened this morning.
Jan 12th Miss Eakins was absent today owing today to her mother's illness.
Mrs Cook visited school this morning.
Mr Rhodes, Staff Teacher of Physical Training, visited school this morning. He will be coming each Thursday morning this term to take Physical Training.
Jan 19th The Practice Test for the Secondary Grammar Schools Entrance Examination was given this morning.


Jan 20th The Preliminary Qualifying Examination was held this morning. School closed this afternoon.
Feb 1st Nurse Line examined all the children present this afternoon and reported them all clean.
Feb 8th Miss Wood visited school this afternoon and saw the physical training and Country Dancing.
Feb 15th The Doctor visited school this afternoon to see the Re-examination cases.
Feb 20th This afternoon the Junior Class visited New Bradwell to see the plays given by the Amersham Players.
Feb 22nd School closed for half-term holiday.
Feb 27th School re-opened this morning.
Mar 10th The Secondary Grammar Schools Entrance Examination was held today.
Mar 20th During the coming week the children will be given lessons on Road Safety.
Mar 24th Two Police Officers visited school this afternoon and talked to the Children on Road Safety.
Mar 28th Mrs Cook and Mr Gobbey, Managers and members of the Canteen Committee, visited school today. They had lunch with the children.
Mar 30th Mrs Cook visited school this afternoon.
April 3rd Miss Parfitt H.M.I. paid a short visit to school this morning.
April 5th School closed today for Easter Holiday.
April 25 School re-opened today.
May 3rd Miss Parfitt H.M.I. visited school and spent the day with us.
Nurse Line examined all the children present and reported them all clean.
May 26th School closed today for Whitsun Holidays.
June 6th School re-opened this morning.
June 21st The School Doctor visited school this afternoon for routine inspection of Entrants Group.
I have today been notified that Robin Hart has qualified for entrance to a Grammar School. He will, therefore, be transferred to the Wolverton Grammar School at the beginning of next term.
June 27th Mrs Cook visited school this afternoon. She saw some of the work done by the children and she signed the registers.
July 3rd The Junior Class this afternoon took part in the Musical Festival held in the County Primary School. Wolverton.
July 11th School closed this afternoon for the children to take part in the Sports held in Wolverton Park.
July 13th School closed this afternoon for the children to take part in the Country Dancing Festival at Newport Pagnell.
July 15th Copy of Report by H.M. Inspectors.
Miss Parfitt H.M.I. inspected the school on 5th May
Castlethorpe is a pleasant village in the Northern corner of Buckinghamshire, and it's county school of forty three pupils of primary age and two members of staff work together in happy surroundings.
The building has been improved by the recent addition of wash basins for girls and boys and the interior is to be decorated in the summer.
There are three rooms, a large one used by the juniors under the care of the Headmistress, a smaller one used by the infants, and one which has been made into a dining room and kitchen. The lack of cupboards for storage means that equipment and PE apparatus has to be kept in this dining room. Although the building is old, it gives the impression of being clean and well looked after, an impression due not only to the work of the caretaker but also to the way the children are trained to use their school.
The Headmistress and her assistant have worked together for many years, so that the Infants, who receive a very sound training not only in the fundamental skills but also in the beginnings of free creative work, are able to proceed naturally into the junior class, where they work in carefully selected groups. In this way they progress at an individual pace which enables them without strain both to develop the technique of reading, writing and arithmetic and to discover and explore interests of their own which are expressed in original work showing a wide knowledge of their surroundings. Good handwriting is noticeable in all the written work which reaches a high standard, whilst free and intelligent use of books (in the new growing library) helps the children to talk sensibly about what they are doing.
Singing is much enjoyed by infants and juniors. They sing well and have a large repertoire of songs. The folk dancing merits special mention. The children, who are taught by the enthusiastic assistant teacher, dance well. They take part in Folk Dance Festivals and parties in other parts of the county.
The school reflects on the one hand the serious attention which is directed towards achieving the high standards of work produced in so happy a way., and on the other the friendly relationship which exists between children, staff, managers and parents. All are making a full and realistic contribution to the community as a whole.
Great credit is due to the Headmistress and her assistant for setting and attaining sound standards of work and for creating such a happy school.
July 21st I have been notified today that Douglas Hancock has qualified for entrance to Wolverton Grammar School.
July 27th Mr Dolling paid a short visit to school this morning.
July 28th School closed today for Summer Holidays.
Sept 5th School re-opened today.
Sept 19th Miss Parfitt H.M.I, with Miss Biggs visited school this afternoon.
Oct 4th Nurse Line visited school this afternoon, examined the children present and reported them all clean.
Oct 12th Miss Rabley H.M.I. visited school this morning.
She praised the quality and neatness of the written work and took many of the books, especially those on local studies, for exhibition in the Festival of Britain. N Cook (Chairman) 24/10/50
Oct 30th Mrs Cook and Mr Gobbey visited school to attend a Canteen Committee Meeting. They afterwards saw the children at work and signed the registers.
Oct 31st The School Dentist visited school this afternoon foe inspection.
Nov 3rd School closed today for half-term holiday.
Nov 8th School re-opened this morning.
Nov 22nd The School Dentist spend today at school and several children received treatment.
Nov 23rd Miss Parfitt H.M.I. with Miss Robertson, visited school this afternoon.
Dec 1st Miss Parfitt H.M.I. and Miss Hurford, Divisional Inspector, visited school this morning and saw the children's work.
Dec 4th Miss Eakins was absent today owing to her mother's illness.
Dec 7th Miss Eakins returned this morning.
The School Doctor visited school this morning for routine examination of Intermediate Group.
Dec 21st School closed today for Christmas Holidays.