View of The Square before the 1905 fire.
View of Post Office & School
Looking from the churchyard towards
The Square, before the Fire of 1905
The Square - North Street
The post office was run from the building with white frontage by Mrs. Rainbow.

In August 1886 it was observed: "We are pleased to notice that the post-office mistress at Castlethorpe has demonstrated her belief in the progress requirements of the times by having the post-office removed from a somewhat secluded part of the village to a more convenient position.

"There is substituted for the old letter box of contracted dimensions, one capable of admitting through its aperture the largest sized envelopes and newspapers. This improvement is certain to be welcomed by the epistolary portion of the parishioners."

The Bucks Standard, February 6th 1897
INCREASED POSTAL FACILITIES. - From February 1, the Post Office in this village has been granted additional facilities for the convenience of the public, as on that date money orders, postal orders, savings bank, annuity and business of that description (which formerly had to be done either at Wolverton, Hanslope, or Stony Stratford) has been undertaken in the village office. We understand the concession of the Postmaster General is highly appreciated by the villagers who number over 500. It is understood also that the Parish Council having guaranteed the sum of £20 per annum to the Post Office Authorities, the village will also be furnished with telegraphic communication, in the immediate future, a boon which will be still more highly appreciated. The work of the construction is already in hand.
Looking back down North St. from The Square
Looking back down North St. from the Square
Livingstone & Zulu Warriors life size painted wooden models owned by Mr. Rainbow
In the 1920 Sale Catalogue these houses were described as the W house.
Livingstone & his Zulu Warriors were life size painted wooden figures bought at an auction by Mr. Rainbow, and transported to Castlethorpe by train. They were kept in the back garden of the Post Office. Mr. Rainbow displayed them in 1912 at a garden fete held at The Holmstead, and again in a wooded glade by The Lodge, at one of the fetes in the 1930s. Betty Belton can remember going to tea at aunt Rainbow's and being allowed, as a treat, to go out into the garden to see the Warriors.

In the 1920 Sale Catalogue these houses were described as the W Houses.
This spear is the only part of the collection
that is left in Castlethorpe.
The collection was sold, and is now believed to be in America.
Envelope dated 1941 - W Cottages
Envelope dated 1941 - W Cottages