The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWe: 154 165

John Alison als. Elison 1558

In the name of god amen in the yere of Our lord god 1558 the L[missing] Day of August I John Alison in the countie of bucks husband[man] sound of body and perfecte memorye do ordaeyne and mak[e] my laste Will and testament in manner and forme folowinge ffirst [I] bequethe my sole unto almyghtie god my maker and redeemer and [my] body to be buryd within my Parishe Churchyard also I bequethe to the church of Lincolne ijd also I bequethe to the high altar iiij[d] also I bequethe the belles xijd also I bequethe to John Nixlas a [cow] at his Day of marriage and a payre of steres Also I bequethe my wife all suche howsehold stuff as she had when I maryd her except on cowe remaying out of her stok to be delyvd [to] her son John at the day of his marriage moreover I bequeath to the sayd to the sayd Ellen my wife iij beasts on cawlyd swallow the [missing] pyd and the thurd gentell ij steres of ij yers old also I geveto Chrysto my son a blak calfe a blak heifer a cow cawlde throsell and ij bullers and ij hogrells and ij shepe and ij hives a payre Shere and a matres and the iij part of my crops the fourth part of my farme during the Lease The sayd thomas Nicholas plowing and tiling the land carrying the corne at his owne …. coste and charge the sayd christopho yelding and paying yearly a Ljs viijd for his portion of the farm and all other costes and charges during the Lease according to his Rent and he to have his fynding of meate and drinke I beq[eth] as the sayd Thomas Nicols hath him self a horse or mane to Byde upon as ofte as he shall neade also I bequeath to John Nycols a wening calfe also I geve to Jo lord a wening calfe also I geve to Richard Sames a [drive] mare also I geve to thomas his son halfe an acar of barley The rest of my goods unbequethed I geve unto thomas Nycols whom I ordyane and make my sole executor to pay my detts to discharge me legacys and to bring me honestly to the ground also I ordayne and make Richard Ashby and Christopher my son the supervisors of this my last will and testament and they to have for the paynes xxd a pece In witness whereof George dorman Richard Paret and Sir John Sibthorp Curatt with other men

Probate 7 October 1558