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Richard Church 1624

The fyste February Anno Dom 1615

In the name of god Amen I Richard Church of Castle Thropp in the County of Bucks being sicke in body but of Good and perfect Remebrance Thanks be given to god doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme following first I bequeathe my soule into the hands of Almighty god my maker my saviour and my Redemer and my body to be buryed in the Churchyarde of Castle thropp firste I give unto Elyabethe my wife Thre acres of Arable lande lying in the feyldes of Castle Thrope viz on acre at Deane Ditch furlong the land of Dormer liing on both sides on halfe acre on wide thorn furlonge and the innermoste land next wistydd letts and on acre liing on furlonge betwixe Thomas nicols and John Parett and on acre of meadowe on halfe acre in milholme and on halfe acre in bowsam meade and on Cotage wherein the widow shefeld dweleth for the space of twelve years if she kepe hir selfe widow, or else if my wife marry she shall have bute tenne yeares in the saide Cotage lands and meadowe And after the ende of the saide Tenne or twelve yeares I give unto my twoe sonnes Christopher and Edward my saide Cotage with the appurtenannces and to theyre heyres for ever, or to the longer liver of them if any of them dy without issue if my saide two sonnes dy before the saide terme of tenne yeares first given to my wife I give unto my saide wife the saide Cotage for xx years and after to the next heyres of the church[] Also I give unto my wife half my household stuffe to be equally devided by my executors. Also I give unto my wife sixe shepe viz thre hoggerills thre ewes, and on cowes and hir commons and on halfe bushall of graine every weke until harveste to kepe hir and hir children and hir land to be sowed this yeare If I dy Item I give unto my two sonnes Christopher and Edward twenty nobles, to eyther of them, to be payd unto them within on twelvmonths the on of thyre portions to be put into the hands of Christopher bricett my brother and the other into the handes of Bartholomew Parrett my sonne in law to be put to the best use for the children, theyr godsonnes. until they come to the age of twenty and on years. Item I give unto my sonne John forty shillings and thirty more that he oweth me and to both of his Children tenne shillings within twoe yeares after my decease if my said sonne giving a discharge for his childrens portions. Item I give unto my sonne Thomas tenne shillings. Itm I give unto henry Church my sonne forty shillings and forgive him that he oweth me Item I give unto henryes children tenne shillings apece to be paide unto them within two yeares after my decease Itm I give unto my son Richard Churche twenty markes, to be payd unto him within two years After my decease, Itm I give unto Thomas Parrett my daughters sonne forty shillings and to my daughter Elizabeth Parrett, tenne shillings. Itm I give unto my sister Alce browne ten shillings, and on shepe and to my cosen Kathren tenne shillings and on shepe, and to hir daughter my goddaughter other tenne shillings and on shepe Itm I give unto John Bignell and Thomas Bignell my cosenes to fotyther of them Tenne shillings, and to theyr sistere Alce Bignell forty shillings, to be payd unto them at the end of twoe yeares, the money to be put into the hands of Bartholomew Parrett my son in law, for the childrens use, Itm I give unto my wife twelve pounds of money to be payd five poundes by the yeare, for two yeares and the other forty shillings the third yeare, if she kepe hir a widowe or els but tenne pounds, and thre loads of woode to be given hir ech other yeare aloade by my executors moreover I make my my sonne Thomas Churche and Bartholomew Parrett my sonne in law my executors and my Cosen Thomas Churche my overseer giving him v shillings for his paines (witness Thomas Church with others) Also I give unto Richard my sonne ffore shepe moreover I give unto Joan shefeyld vs to provid hir a house and to five widowes eyther of them vjd and to the goodmen weste and georg Ashby ech of them vjd and to my godchildren vjd apece Richard Churches marke Sealed in the presence of Thomas Churche