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Anthony Coles 1602

In the name of God Amen the ffirst dai of September (1602) And in the ffoure and ffortith yeare of the Raigne of our sovaigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God of England ffrance and Ireland Quene Defender of the faith etc. I Anthony Coles of Castell Thrupe in the County of Bucks husbandman beinge sicke in body : Butt of Parfect mynde and good remembrance thanks be to Almightie God Doe ordayne and make this my last will and Testamente in manner and forme followinge That is to say firste and before all other things I comytt my soule to Almightie God my Creatore And to Jhesus Christ his only sone, my saviour and redeemer and my body to be buried in Castell Thrupe Churchyard And as Towchinge such worldly goods as God hath increased me with all, Item, I doe gyve and bequeath to my sonne John Coles, the some of Tene shillings of lawfull money of England for his Childs part of my goods Item doe geve and bequeath to Agnis my daughter, liatewise thre shillings and foure pence Item I doe gyve and bequeath to three of my daughter maries Children three shillings and ffoure pence apece, Item I doe gyve and bequeath to ffrancis Eliott, one of the sonnes of my Daughter Ann Three shillings and foure pence, Item I gyve and bequeath to Arthur Eliatt, one other of my Daughter Ann sonnes Three shillings and ffoure pence The rest of all my goods and Chattell, Leases and goods, whatsoever Movable, unmoveable Unbeaqueathed, my Debts beinge paid, my ffunerale Discharged (And Jhoane nowe my wife being sufficiently maynteynd with sufficient meat Drink lodging Aprelle and all other things fytt and full and necessarie, for a woman of her age and her behover duringe her naturall lyffe) I geve to Elizabeth Coles my daughter, whom I make my sole executrix And I Doe ordayne and make Robert Travell and my sonne in lawe Anthony Aman, my oversears, and I gyve to eyther of them, twelve pence apece for their paynes. In Witness Whereof I the said Anthony Coles herunto have sett my hand and seale the daie and yeare first above written.

Signed Anthony Coles [his mark]

Witnesses hereunto:

Robert Travell his O mark

Willm Barrett [his mark]

As in[ter]lyned and attested in same part where it is ..sed on the xiij th of September 1602 by the … and consent of the said Anthony Coles before these witnesses

[H]eyoghe H f ffords marke

Edward Shetton

Rowland Hill Sv.

Probate: xiijth day of December Anno Domini 1602