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Richard Dorman 1611

In the name of god amen the last day of April in the yeares of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord James by the grace of god of Endland ffrance and Ireland king defender of the faith etc. the nineth, and of Scotland the fower and fortieth I Richard Dorman the elder of Castle thorpp in the County of Bucks yeoman being sicke in body but of good and perfecte remembrance Thanks be to god doe ordaine and make this my last will and Testament in manner and forme following ffirst I doe bequeath my soule to god the father sonne and holy ghoste verily believing in and through the alone all sufficient meritts of the death and obedience of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to have and obtayne full Remission of all my sinnes and to be made partaker of Everlasting life Moreover I commend to the earth there to Remayne in hope until the Resurrection of the just Concerning my goods and chattels my full intention mind and will as followeth ffirst I doe geive and bequeath unto Isabell my now wife, one featherbed one bedstead with all and singular the furniture to the same belonging and one chest being in the Parler, and alsoe one Cupboord one table and two Joyned stooles being in the hall Moreover I give and bequeath unto my said weif nine peeces of pewter three brasse potts, three kettles and fower payre of sheetes one table Clarthe one payre of pillow-bares fower table napkins two hillings one payre of blankets one Carpett six Cushions Three baralls, five payles Three boles three tubs one kimnell sixspoons six dishes, one bouling fatt one doo kimnell and one hogg I doe father allsoe give and bequeath unto my said wife the use of the seeling and the Waynscott, and of the two Chayres in the hall, and the use of one Cling fatt and one salting trough for and during her leif and my will is that after her deceas the aforesaid seeling, Wainscott, two Chayres Cling fatt, and salting trough shall Remayne unto my sonne Thomas Dorman Item I doe give and bequeath unto Richard Dorman my sonne one bedstead Item I doe geive and bequeath unto Pattricke Dormen my sonne forty shillings of Currant Englishe money to be payd unto him within one twelve months after and immediately following my decease Item I doe geive and bequeath unto my daughter Luce Hammond hir three daughters seaven payres of sheetes twelve table napkins and three … to be divided amongst them Item I geive and bequeath Jane Medoflower my Grandchild one pillowbeere one ap.aie one Keirchiefe one Crossclarthe, one Neckercher one Drawer to put upon a pillowe, one chest and three pewter platters Item I geive and bequeath unto Peeter Medoflower my grandchild fforty shillings of Currant English money to be payd unto hym when he shall come to the age of xxi [21] years or have Accomplished the full tyme of his apprentishipp which shall first happen to Come Item I geive and bequeath to everie of my Childrens Children, being sixtene in number one shillinge of Currant English money a peece Item the Residue of my goods and chattels unbequeathed my Debts and legacies first payd, and my funeralls discharged I doe geive and bequeath unto my sonne Thomas Dorman aforesayde, and I doe ordayne and make my said sonne Thomas Dorman the sole Executor of this my last will and Testament. In wittnesse whereof I the said Richard Dorman the elder have hereunto set my hand and seale the day and yeare first above wrighten in the presence of these whose names are hereunder wrighten ffrancis Clifford John Parker

Proved 11th November 1611

Note: kimnell = a tub for household purposes