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Thomas Earle 1596

In the name of god Amen the xxith day of June Ano Dmi 1596 I Thomas Earle the elder of Castlethruppe in the county of Bucks husbandman beinge ill and diseased in body but god be thanked of good and perfect Remembrance doe make and ordayne this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge first I geve and bequeath my soule unto almightie god and my body to be buryed in the churchyarde of Castlethruppe aforesaid, Item I geve unto the mother church of Lincolne ijd Item I geve and bequeath unto Thomas my sonne the whole Lease of my pastures which I lately toke of Mr. Troughton with all my full title and interest therein Also my will ys and thereunto my sonne William and Thomas are both agreed at the writing hereof That my sayd sonne Thomas shall have holed croppe and inioye all that my part or portion of the lands and grounds with my sayd sonne William and I doe now ioynthlye hold and occupie together from myhellmas next followinge after my disease unto the end and tearme of one whole yeare after myhellmas then followinge, And they my sayd two sonnes to occupie the same together as I and my sonne William now doth during the sayd tearme bearinge parte and portion like in all manor of charges as my sayd sonne William and I doe nowe And in consideration thereof my will is and thereunto both my sayd sonnes are agreeable to the same, that he the said my sonne William shall have holde occupie and enioye And my sayd sonne Thomas also iointly together all the croppe of corne and grayne and all other commodities and profits arising and growinge in the sayd pastures which I have from Mr. Troughton for and duringe the sayd tyme that my sonne Thomas holdeth and preparth the groundes and Lands aforesyd with my sonne William Item I geve unto my sone Thomas two horses with a cart and carte geares, plough, and plough gears with a harrow and the Long hovel that Joyneth to the worke hovel and all the tymber both about and under, with the blokes that lye in the streetes, and a muckart bodye, Item I geve my sonne Thomas one cow being the elder, Item I geve Elyzabeth Eearle one cowe and a brasse potte. Item I geve my sonne Thomas a brasse potte, ij platte[rs] a great tube and a saltinge troughte and a Bowle, Item I geve my sonne Thomas the two beddes in the parlor with all other stuffe therein contained with two hogges and two shotes, Item I geve Thomas the sonne of William Earle one sheepe, Item I geve unto unto John Websters three children the xxxs which I lent unto the sayd John Webster. Item I geve unto the three children of Thomas Byrch unto either of them one sheepe to be payd them within one yeare Item I geve unto Rychard parrat my godsonne xs and to John his brother five shillings and to Agnes and Elnor five shillings a peece, to be payd them within one yeare after my decease Item I geve unto Rychard Estridge his foure children to either of them one sheepe Item I geve unto Doritie Walle xxs The rest of my goods not geven and unbequeathed my debts payed and my funeral discharged I geve and bequeath unto William my sonne whom I make my sole executor desiring him to performe this my last will and testament according to my true meaninge herein witnesses hereof are Rychard Dorman Hewghe foorde Thomas Earle his marke