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Willyam Johnson 1634

In the name of god Amen The twentieth daie of January, in the yeare of our lord god 1631 I Wylliam Johnsonne of Castlethorpe in the countie labourer, beinge of good and perfect memorie thanks be given to god, doe constitute make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge, ffirst I bequeath my soule into the handes of allmightie god my maker, hopeing to be saved by the rightousnes and merits of Jesus Christe my onely saviour and redeemer and my bodie to Christian burial, exceptinge or looking for a glorious resurrection, as concerning my worldly goods I give them as followeth I bequeath unto Agnis my wife the house wherein I dwell duringe her naturall life with the appurtenances and twoe leases remaine to come within the commenable places in Castlethropp fields aforesaide, but if my saide wife shall happen to marry to any other man, then my will is that my saide wife shall have but a cowe, three sheepe, and my howseholde stuffe, so to depart from my saide howse, and other the premissess ymediately after such her intermarryinge Itm I give unto Thomas Johnsonne, my sonne five shillings of lawfull mony of England Itm I give unto William Johnsonne my sonne five shillings of lawfull mony of England Itm I give and bequeath unto John Johnsonne my son the howse wherein I nowe dwell with the appurtenances and also twoe leases commens, to commen within the commonable places within the fields of Castlethrupp aforesaide which howse and commons he my saide sonne John shall have holde to enioye to him and to his heirs for ever after the decease of Agnis my saide wife or intermarriage which shall first happen and in consideration thereof he my saide sonne John shall paie unto Richard Johnsonne my sonne thirteene pounds six shillings eight pence of lawfull mony within one yeare next after [my decease] he my saide sonne John, or his assignes shall possess or enioye my saide howse and commons Itm I give and bequeath unto Arthur Johnsonne my sonne all that my freeland which I purchased and bought of Bennit Ellis then of Castlethropp, and of Anthony fforster late of Haversham deceased which is by estimation three acres, be it more or lesse and as it lyeth dispersedly in severall fields in Hanslopp and Castlethropp with all and singular theire appurtenances with a cowes commons to come in the commonable places of Castlethrupp To have and to holde the aforesaide three pieces of land arable be it more or lesse with a cowes commens, and all and singular the premises with the appurtenances, to him my saide sonne Arthur Johnsonne, and his heires for ever nevertheless my will is, that if my saide sonne Arthur shall happen to dye without yssue of his bodie lawfully begotten, than I will the aforesaide three partes of land commonable and appurtenances shall be inure to John Johnsonne my aforesaide sonne and his heires, likewise if John Johnsonne my sonne shall happen to depart this life having no yssue of his bodie lawfully begotten, then I will my aforeaide howse, with all and singular the premissess with the appurtenances, to be and inure, to Arthur my aforesaide sonne, and his heires for ever, and in consideration thereof my saide sonne Arthur shall paie unto Richard Johnsonne my sonne, that thirteene pounds, six shillings eight pence which John my saide sonne is inoyned formerly to paie unto him my saide sonne Richard: Itm I give unto Willyam Johnsonne my grandchilde, the sonne of Willyam Johnsonne twentie shillings Itm I give unto my daughter ffrancis Hull five pounds of lawfull mony: Itm I give unto my daughter Anne Johnsonne tenn pounds of lawfull mony of England, to be paide at her age of twentie yeares, or att her daie of marriage which shall first happen: All the rest of my goods unbequeathed my debtes being e paide and my funeralles dischardges I give and bequeath unto Agnis my wife whom I make my sole executrix of this my last will and testament revoakeing and disanullinge all former wills and doe appointe my loveing friends Marke Travell and Richard Parratt the younger to be my overseers of this my last will as my hope is they will and doe give them for their paines xijd a peece In witness wheareof I have sett unto my hande and seale the day and yeare first above written: sealed signed and published in the presence of marke Travell

Probate 23 day of the month of October 1634