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Henry Mallat 1601

The xiijth of March 1600

In ye name of god amen I Henry Mallat Doe make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge that is to sae I give and bequeath my soule to Allmighty god my creator and redeemer and my body to be buried in the church and churchyard of Castlethorppe I geve to Henry West seventeene shillinge lying in goodman fesys hands of grundon to be payd on Saint Lukes day next comming I geve to Robert weste my brother in law xs which Thomas Smyth of grundon oweth me I geve unto William Mallat my brother forty shillings which he oweth me I fore geve William Mallat of Emberton xs which he oeth me I geve to frauncis weste my sister xl I geve to henry weste xxs I geve to william mallat the Towne of Emberton xxs to be devyded amongst them equally I geve to william mallats too Dafters of sherington thurties apeece I geeve to my brother west all my goods that are in his howse under his custody whatsoever yf I Dye And further I ordain and make my brother in law Robert west of castlethrppe executor yf he cane get this fifteene pound of marster charnoke then to discharge these legases yf he cannot geet this xvls then no money to be redemde as Robert weste hand which I have mad my executor

Witness her unto

Richard Church

Arthur Collisonn

Probate xxj April 1601