The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies Ref: Wf 8 50

Thomas Nycolls 1575

In the name of god amen The 23 day of the moneth of Marche In the year of oure lord god 1574 And In the year of the Reygne of our soversygne Lady Elyzabeth by the grace of god of England france & Ireland Queene Defendour of the faythe etc. the Seventyne: Wytnessethe that I Thomas Nycolls of castellthorpe husbandman good and parfyte memory prayse be unto allmyghti god Doo make and ordeyne thys my laste testament conteyning hearin my last wyll in manner and forme as heare after followethe the ffyrst I bequethe my soule to allmyghty god my maker and redeemer and my Body to be buryed in the churche yearde of our lady Sent marye so called of Castellthroppe nexte unto my father I gyve & bequethe unto ye mother churche of Lyncolne 12d Item I gyve & bequethe unto Jonne my wife and to John Nycolls my eldest sonne my house and all my free lands and tenements with the appurtenances to occupye bothe togyther During her lyfe: and after here decesse to thys heyres of hys Body lawfully begotten for ever: Item I gyve & bequethe unto Jonne my wyf and to John Nicholls my eldest sonne all my copye holde lands Duryng the terme which I have in the same: And yf John my sonne Dothe dye (as god Defend) wytheout issue of hys bodye that then: I wyll & bequethe all my copye hold land unto Thomas my sonne: after the deathe of Jonne my wife Item I gyfe & Bequethe unto Thomas Nicolls my seconde sonne my lease of my pasture: and the thurtye shype being now in the same pasture and twenty pounds in money to be payde immediatlly after my decesse by my executours hereafter named Item I gyve and bequethe unto Isabell Nycolls and Ales Nycolls my Daughters twenty pounds a pyce to be payd unto them when the shall come unto the severall age of Syxtyne yeares Item I gyve and bequethe unto Christofer Allyson on acre of Barlly growing on myll furlong Item I gyve & bequethe to Thomas parrote: on rode of barlly lying under cutebertts Item yf ether of my Daughters dow departe before she commethe unto the age of Syxtyne yeares that then her parte so decessed shall remayne holly unto the other then survyvyng Item I gyve & bequethe unto wyllyam Aukyns my servant on of my best hoggerylls The resydewe of my goods and cattelle as well realle as parsonall ungyven and unbequethed my Detts payde & my funeral expenses Dycharged I gyve and bequethe unto Jonne Nycolls my wife and to John Nycolls my sonne whom I make & ordeyne myne executours to se thys my last wyll parformed: And I make & ordeyne John parrot & Richard Dorman to be the oversyers of thys my last wyll & testament theis being Wytnesses Edmund makarness Clarke Christofer Cotes with other mo

Harrye nycolls hughe forde

Probate 24th April 1575