TNA PROB 11/383

Francis Nicholls 1686

In the name of God Amen I Francis Nicholls of Castlethorpe in the County of Bucks being sick in body but of sound memorie Doe make this my present last will and testament in manner following ffirst I commend my Soule into the handes of Almighty God hopeing through the meritts of Christ my Saviour to have free pardon of my sinns And as touching my temporall estate I dispose the same As followeth ffirst I will that my debts hereafter named and my funeral expences bee paid and discharged and for the better performance of the same I give and bequeath unto my brother Richard Parrott eight acres of arable and pasture ground bee the same more or lesse and being now situate in the parish of Castlethorpe and County aforesaid and in the occupation of my brother John Nicholl [and] alsoe my will is that my Executor shall receive of my Brother John Nicholls halfe a yeares rent which was due at Lady Day last past towards my expences in sickness and other necessaries Item I give unto my brother John Nicholls those stocks or hives of bees which are mine and now in the keeping of William Earle in the parish and County aforesaid Item I give to my brother James Nicholls one paire of seaming lace sheets with a pillowbeer of the same which are in the keeping of my brother Richard Parrott It my will is that my Executor hereafter named shall in six weeks after my decease or sooner pay unto Robert Bishop where I now lodge the summe of foure pounds ffifteene shillings and six pence which I owe and am indebted to him for lodgeing and other expences due to him until the day of the date thereof Item my will is that hee shall alsoe pay unto Mr Richard Turner at the Kingshead in Peterstreete in the parish of St Clements and County of Middlesex the summe of thirteene shillings and six pence which I of right doe owe to him Item my will it that my said Executor shall pay and discharge the rest of my loding and expence hereafter laid out for mee by the said Robert Bishopp in the time of my sicknesse and until my decease Item I give unto my Brother Richard Nicholls my two suites of wearing Apparrell with my wearing Linnen Item my will is that my Executor also pay unto the wife of Samuell White three shillings six pence due to her for washing my linnen A the remainder of my personall estate goods and Chattles whatsoever I bequeath unto my loving brother Richard Parrott whom I make my full and sole Executor of this my last will and testament In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale this present ffourteenth day of May in the second yeare of the reigne of King James the second etc Annoque Domini one thousand six hundred eighty six ffrancis Nicholl Sealed and published as my last Will in the presence of before the publishing hereof I order my Executor to pay Mr Sumner at the Taylors Armes three shillings and six pence Pettre Miller Robert Bishop Godfy Hartley

Proved 17th day of May 1686 by Richard Parrott