Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWe: 46/185 DAWf: 60/75

Elizabeth Panter 1701

In the Name of God Amen: I Elizabeth Panter [of] Castlethrop in the County of Bucks Widdow being Wea[k] of Body yet in perfect Memory praise be to God for i[t] doe make this my Last Will and Testament this first d[ay] of January in the yeare of our Lord God One thousand Seaven hundred I doe first bequeath my Soule unto the hands of Almighty God And after my decease I give unto my daughter An Watts my house ( with the barnes and all thereto belongin for her life and afterwards unto my two Grandaughters Ann Nickcols and Elizabeth Trulove to be equally Coheires together I also give unto my sonn Charles Panter the sume of one shillin and unto my Gransonn Charles Panter my Joynebedd: the marke and seale of Elizabeth Panter Sealed and delivered the day and yeare above Written Wittnes thereunto John Nickcoles Thomas Trulove Thomas Milles: the markes of the Wittnesses 4

Probate 13th day of September 1701 given to Ann Watts wife of Thomas Watts of Castlethorpe