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Agnes Paret 1556

In the name of god amen in the yere of our lord god 1556 the vj day of July I Agnes prêt of Castlethop wydow in the countie of bucks being hole of mynd and perfect of remembrance thanks be to almyghtie god do ordeyne make this my last will and testament in manner and forme folowing ffirst I bequeath my sole unto almyghtie god my body to be buryd within the churchyard of our ladi in castlethrupp and I bequeath to the mother church of Lincoln ijd and to the high alter in castlethrupp ijd and to the sayd church xijd I bequeath to will paret my son xvjl xiijs vjd to be payd unto him p..l ca … and I bequeath the sayd william the lease of my house which I dwell … my to the will of his father and I bequeath to Rich paret my son vijl vjs viijd to be payd unto him as to his fra.h brother Will the day to have the sayd pon …sal …. to … brother will I bequeath Jo paret .. al the rest of my goods I bequeath my detts being payd and my funells being payd Jo peret and I bequeath Jo peratmichill paret …ij and to Agnes paret and Elizbeth … daughters? … to be devyded among the iiij by my brother … … … and Jo paret Itm I bequeath to Jo vjs vjd and a [cow] and a calfe and to a..s vjs vjd and a [cow] and a calfe and to my brother William Johnson? … where… halfe acre barley and to my brother Jo paret vjs vjd I bequeath to Rich paret the son of Rich… illeg and I geve unto .h. .. and wade? Each of them for [their] paynes … a strick of whete and a strike of barley malte the … … I ordany make …… and I make my brother Will Johnson and my brother Jo paret my overseers of this my last will and testament and my mind that my ij executors shall do … as .. this my last will