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Thomas Parratt 1639

In the name of god Amen: The seaven and twentieth daie of December in the yeare of our lord god 1638: I Thomas Paratt of Castellthrupp in the countie of Bucks yeoman, beinge sicke in bodie, but of perfect remembrance blessed be god doe ordaine and make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge; ffirst I bequeath my soule into the handes of allmightie god, my maker and redeemer, my bodie I commit unto the earth theare to remaine until the resurrection of the [crist]; concerninge my landes goods and chattlles; first I doe hearby give and bequeath unto Thomas Parratt my eldest sonne my landes, the one halfe to enter of it at the daye of eighteene yeares; the other halfe of my lande after the decease of Elizabeth my wife, and further my will is that my sonne Thomas shall paie out of my saide landes, unto my other two sonnes John Parrat and Richard Parrat each of them twenty pounds a peece at the age of eighteene yeares; and allso my will is, that if either of these my twoe sonnes shall die before they come to the age of eighteene yeares that the other shall have his twentie pounds; Itm I doe give and bequeath unto Elizabeth my wife, whom I doe make my whole executrix of this my last will and testament all my goods and chattels my debts beinge paide; and allsoe I doe appointe my uncle Richard Parrat and my cosen Richard Parrat overseers of this my will; In witness wheareof I the saide Thomas Parrat have heareunto sett my hande and seale in the presence of those whose names are heare under written; Thomas Parrat; the marke of Thomas Collison the marke of Thomas Church Richard Parrat the marke of Marke Parrat Richard Parrat Juniour

Probate 30th October 1639