Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies Ref: DAWe 12 213

Isbell Parratt 1559

In the name of god amen and in the yeare of our lord god 1558 the 21 day of august I Isbell parratt of the parryche of castyll thrope wythe in the counte of buckyngegayme wyddo beynge of perfthe remembrance thancks be untow all myfghty god Dothe make thys mt last wyll & testament fforst I be quethe my sole untow all mighty god & my body tow be beryyd with in the corche yarde of castyllthrope Item I be quethe tow the mother corche of lyncone 2d Item I be quethe tow Joan my dofter 1 pott wythe longe legys and a grett pan 4 pare of sheytes and on bord clothe on platter a pyllobere and a bollstare a hyllynge Item I be quethe Isbell my dofter a grett pott & a panne 4 pare of sheytts 2 tabull clothes a bolster a pyllobere 4 plattens a susuller 2 copull of shype and a r.itcrye Item tow John my sone 2 cowpyle of shype 2 pare of sheytte Item tow yonger Rychard parratt a lame Item tow yonge John parratt a lame Item tow Rychard my sone I boshell of weyt Item I be quethe my aparrell equalle tow be de vydyd be twyine my Dofftors & ether of thyme a coffer then all the resydew of my gods un be quethyd my hossbons Debts & myne beynge payd & discharge I gyffe and be quethe untow Thomas nycholl and John my sone equally tow be de vydyd the wyche Thomas mycholl & John my sone I make my exsecwtors of thys my last wyll and testamentt beynge wyttnessys gorge dormer Thomas nycolls & Richard parrott

Item I be quethe tow wyllyam my servant halfe a bosshell of barley Item tow margrett my mayd a boss of wa.t & ether of my doffters on old .acy.well

Wytness Raffe Sott..