The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWe: 14 21

Thomas Parrot 1561

In ye name of god Amen ye xviijth daye of August Ano 1561 I Thomas Parrot of Chalsthrrp beinge sore hurte of my bodie yet thanks be geven to allmightie god of good and perfect remembrance do ordaine and make this to be my laste will and testament in manner and forme ffollowinge ffyrst I beqth my soule to ye allmightie Lord god my Creator and Savour besechyinge hym of his great mercie to receive ye soule into his Kyngdome and my boddie to be buried in ye churchyard of Castlethrup I beqth to my brother John Parot all my parte of all suche howsehold remaynynge or occupenge and or occupenge and all my parte of ye crope of corne that we have growynge this year betwexte us excepting halfe a quarter of wheate and halfe a quarter of barley which I geve to my brother in lawe John Ashebey And also exceptynge one other halfe quarter of whete and one halfe quarter of barley which I geve to my brother in lawe Christopher heyward Also I beqth to William Spencer a quarter of barley ij strykes of wheate and to Thomas wylkes ij strykes of wheat Itm I geve to Gonethropes wyffe ij bosholls of barley and to wills wyffe other ij boshels of barley I also beqth to Richard Parot my brother a quarter of barley All which corne above bequeathed shalbe geven out of my parte of ye said crop I beqth to ffrances fflower xls [40s] I beqth to Alice Swayne x vj of my shepe to be delivered unto her at the discrescion of my Supervisour I beqth to my brother michaell Paret a bullocke of a yere olde I beqth to ye mother church of Lincoln iiijd I geve to ye churche of Castlethrup a boshel of barley And I also geve to everie poore howseholder in Castlethrup iiijd The residue of my goods unbequethed I geve to John Paret my brother whome I make my sole executor paynge my detes and dicharchinge my ffuneralles I also geve to my mayd Servaunt an ewe and a lambe to be delivered to her acordyngly I also make George ffowler to be Supervisor of this my last will and testament to se that trulie performed and to Have for his paines xxs In witness whereof these persones? are present George ffowler Thomas wylkys and other

Probate 1561 xxvth day August