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William Parrott 1603

Apud Castell thrupe the xiiijth Daie of November 1603 these weare the last words that William Parrott, one of the sonnes of Richard Parrott, of Castell thrupe aforesaid spak, att the hower of his Death, viz
Item I doe gyve, to my goddaughter, Annes Rawlyns, one of the daughters, of John Rawlyns of hanslope, fforty shillings of lawfull money of England: Item I doe gyve to three other children of the said John Rawlyns, xs apece Item I doe gyve to ffour of the Children of George Parrott my brother of yardley Chaise, xs apece Item I doe gyve to two of the Children of Thomas parrott my brother, of London, xs apece
Item I doe gyve to one of the Children of william harvy of north crowley my Brother in Lawe, tene shillings all these parcels of money, to be presently paid to those parents of the said Children to the only ueses of the said Children, the Rest of my goods, (not gyvyn before) I doe gyve to my bother Bartilmewe parrott, my brother John Parrott), my Brother Richard Parrott my syster Elinor Parrott, And my syster Alic parrott to be Equally divided Amongst them by Even porcons) witnesses here of now Elenor Parrot John Parrot with others

Probate xxiij March 1603/4