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Richard Perrott 1604

[In the nam]e of god Amen the xxth day of January 1603 And in the firste yeare of the rayne of ye soverayne missing by the grace of god of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland kinge defender of the ffaith missing Richard Perrott of Castell throppe in the Countie of Bucks wever sicke in body but of missing and perfect remembrance thankes be to almightie god do make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge that is to say first I do bequeath my soale into the handes of almightie god my maker and redeemer and my bodie to be buried in the Churchyard of Castelthrope aforesaid Item I geve to the mother Church of Lyncolne ijd Item I geve and bequethe to Richard Parrat my sonne the some of xli of lawfull money of England to be payed unto hym at suche tyme as he shall accomplishe and be of the full age of xxj yeres. Itm I geve and bequethe to Elnor Perrott my Daughter the some of xli of lawfull money of England to be payed unto her at suche tyme as she shall accomplishe and be of the full age of twentie and one yeres, or at the day of her marryage which of them shall first happen Itm I geve and bequethe to Alice Paratt my daughter the some of tenne pounds missing lawfull englishe money to be paid unto her at the age of xxj yeres or day of her marryage which of them shall first happen Item I geve and bequeath to Elenor w.re my missing ress all the residue of my goods and chattels as well moveable as unmoveable whatsoever before missing bequethed, whom I do make and ordaine my sole executrix of this my last will she my said wyef discharginge my said debtes and payenge and performynge to my said Children there legacies before to them and every of them gevon and bequethed as aforesaid Provided nevertheless and my will ys that if any of my said Children shall departe this mortall life before they or any of them shall come to the full age of twenty one yeres or daie of marryage as aforesaid That then all suche parte and porcon of my said goods as they or any of them so doinge shoud received by this my last will shalbe equallie devided betweene the other of my said children then lyvinge move over my will is that if Elnor my said wief shall happen to marrye again after my departure and before tyme above said appointed for the payment of my said Childrens legacies That then the said Elinor my wief shall putt in Just and sufficient securitie to my too friends Robert Parrott and John Rawlins for the sure payment of and everye the porcons above said geven to my said children with so… likewise to begeven to my said friends that she my said wife shall bringe upp and comfort bring and … so to be broughte uppe suffycyentlie all my said children until they shall accomplishe the age of xxj yeres or be married as aforesaid with sufficient meate drinke as also all apparel necessary and …full for them at the ..lie costes and charges of hir my said wief In witness whereof I have hereunto putt my hande the day and yere abovesaid in the presence of us Robert Perrott and Bartholomowe Perrott

Probate xxiij die March 1603/4