Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWe 3 180

Christopher Rawlyns 1536

In the name of god amen In the yere of our lorde god 1530 and the xvth Day of May I chrystofer Rawlyns of castellthorpe holem mynde and remembrance but sicke in bodye making this my last Wyll and testament in manner and forme folowyng ffirst I bequeath my soulle unto Allmyghty god and etc. my body to be buryed in the church yard of our ladie in castlethorpe Also I bequeath unto the mother church of Lincoln ijd [2d] Item I bequeath to the hye Ault for my forgotten tithes iiijd [4d] Item to the churchbox viijd [8d] Item to the church light iiijd [4d] Item to the Sepulchre light iiijd [4d] Item to the Rode light of hanslap iiijd [4d] Item I bequeath unto Chrystofar my son a browne cow that I bought of my brother James And An Acre of barle and xxs [20s] on mony Item I bequeath unto chrystofer my son A bramelet heyfor An Acre of barley and xxs [20s] in money Item I bequeath to Ame my daughter A browne cow bullocks of A yere olde An Acre of barle and xxs [20s] in money The residue of my goodds nott bequeathed I gyfe unto ElisAbeth my Wife the which I make my sole executrix to dispose As she thynkth best for my souls health Also I Will that my ffather Thomas Rawlyns to pay [supervisors] of this my last Will that it be performed and fulfilled these being Witnes Sir Richard peirson curate John parrett Richard Wolf and michaell durfeld Wrytten the day etc.

Probate: Stony Stratford 29 May 1536