Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies Ref: DAWe 26 503

Thomas Richardson 1617

In the name of god Amen I Thomas Richardson of Castlethropp in the countie of Bucks: labourer, beinge sick of bodie, but of perfecte remembrance thanks be given to god, doe, make this my last will & testament in manner & forme ffollowinge; firste I bequeath my soule into the hands of Allmightie god my maker my saviour & Redeemer & my body to be buried in the Church yarde of Castle thropp; fyrste I give to Ralfe my sonne, my watchbill my Iron crow my axe, my matocke & my banckinge Iron & all my Apparrill to be sold presently after my decease; and the mony to be put forth to use, to helpe to get him a trade, or els to be given him at the age of xxi [21] yeares, Item I give unto ffrances my daughter a featherbed whereon I lye, a coverlet, a blanket and a bolster and a pillowe and twoe pillowe beres & one payre of shetes and a christining sheete table clothe one coffer and on boxe, on barrill on kettle & on brasse pot and on possnnitt fower pewter plattes one spitt, a tubb halfe the bordes ondr the chamber with the shelfe underneath them, one arke one garner, all which thinges shall be delivered unto them at the age of twenty years, and on candlesticke, and one salt seller and my will is that if eyther of my children doe dy before the come to age or time appointed, that this goodes before rehearsed shall remayne to that childe that doth live and if both of them doe dy before that time then to be and remanne to the use of Katherine my wife all the rest of my goodes, cattell and chattels, lease or leases what so ever I give unto Katherine my wife whom I make my whole executor of this my laste will & testament my debtes beinge payd and funeral discharged moreover I make my landelords marke travell and Richard parrat my overseers of this my laste will and testament givinge unto eyther of them sixe pence to buy them a payre of glovesThe marke of Thomas Richardson
sealed in the presence of Thomas Church, John Rushe his mark.

Probate 28 day April 1617

Local Historian's Glossary by Joy Bristow p.193 defines Watch bill as
A kind of concave axe with a spike at the back and having a shaft ending in a spearhead; a halbert. A weapon often carried by a watchman [who patrolled the town by both night (watch) and day (ward)].