The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWf: 47/243 nuncupative

Jane Roberts 1673

Memorandum That upon or about ye Three and twentyeth day of ffebruary in ye yeare of our Lord God according to the English Accomt 1672 Jane Roberts widow late of Castlethrop of ye Archdeaconry of Bucks deceased being in her perfect sense and understanding with a purpose and Intent to declare her last Will and Testament Nuncupative or by word of mouth did declare her last will and Testament Nuncupative or by word of mouth in words and Speeches to this effect and purpose following that is to say ffirst shee did give to Anne Newbery one Redd Rugg and to Jane Newbery one Chest and to John Parretts two sonnes two pewter dishes Allsoe she did give and Bequeath unto Anne Newbery and Jane Newbery three Sheetes a pillow cloath and a Bedd cloath to be equally devided betwixt them Alsoe shee did give and bequeath unto her Kinswoman Elizabeth Parrett one Redd cloath And all the Rest of her goods shee gave unto Robert Newbery her Kinsman, These or ye like words shee did declare to be and Stand for her last Will and Testament

Nuncupative in ye presence and heareing of ye above Said witnesses Richard Mills and John Parrett

Rich Mills Signed W John Parrett

Probate 8 April 1673

Admon Bond