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John Roshe 1559

In the mane of god Amen the yere of Our lorde god 1559 and the Second day of Aprille I John Roshe of Castylle throppe within the County of Bucks husbandman beinge Sycke in bodye but thanks be to god hoolle in mynd and of good Remebrance doth institute and ordayne this my last wyll and testament in manner and forme folowyng that is to say first I bequeath my Soole to almygthie god and mary the vyrgyn and to all the blessed Company of heavyn and my Body to be buryed in the Churchyard of Castylthropp Itm I bequeath to the mother Church of Lyncolne ijd Item I gyve and bequeath to John Roshe my Sonne one Messuage wiche I dyffesyd in with all thappurtences thereto belonginge and one Cottydge with the appurtenances thereto belonginge late in the Tenure of John Renoldes Itm I gy[ve] and bequeath to Richard Roshe my sonne one house in bannefylle in hanslopp with all the appurtynances late in the tenure of mother Cocke Itm I gyve and bequeath to Raffe Roshe my sonne one house in Castylthrop with all the appurtenances late in the tenner of Richard Carter, further my wylle is that yf Any of my Chyldren being sonnes depart that my howse shall go to the longer lyver of them and lykewayes my daughters Itm I gyve and bequeath to evry one of my dowghters xxs a peace at the day of her maryadge Itm I gyve to Rychard my sonne I horse I payre of shode wheels Itm I gyve and bequeath to Raffe my Sonne one horse and one payre of shoode wheels all the rest of my goods unbequeathed my debts beinge payd I gyve and bequeath to Elyzabeth my wife whome I make my sole Executryxe with Rychard my Sonne of this my last wyll and testament further my wyll is that Elyzabeth my wife shall have all my howz to brynge my Chyldren tyll the come to the Adge of xxite yeres I make my overseres of this my last wyll and testament hughe fford and william dormer and the to have for ther paynes xijd a pece theis being witnesses George dormer hughe fford william dormer with more

Probate 1559 xxvj June