TNA PROB 11/226

William Stamer 1653

In the name of God Amen I William Stamer of Castell Thorpe in the countie of Bucks yeoman sick in bodie but perfect in memorie I praise God do ordaine and make this my last will and testament in maner and forme followinge ffirst I give and bequeath my soule to allmightie God hopinge by the onlie meritts of my blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to be saved without a[..]e meritte or desert of my owne and my bodie to be buried in Christian burial in the churchyard of Castell Thorpe at the discretion of Jane my wife whom I make full and sole executor of all my personall estate my debts and other legacies being discharged and paid secondly I give unto Jane Kent my kinswoman after my wives and my decease all such movable goods as are in or about the house and yarde with all the cattell as God shall please to spare us all our debts and burial charges being first paid and discharged I give unto my brother Hugh Kent the elder five pounds out of that fifteene pounds that is in my brother John Kents hands by bond due the other ten pounds in his hands I give to my kinsman John Butcher and the house that the said John Butcher now dwelleth in being in the parish of Cranfield in the countie of Bedford I give unto my brother George Stamer of Stokgoldington five pounds Item I give to William Travell the sonne of Robert Travell of Bullington [e]nd in Hanslappe five pounds Item I give unto Elizabeth Weston the daughter of Thomas Travel five pounds Item I give unto my God daughter Darothie Travell the daughter of Thomas Travell of Haversham five pounds Item I give unto Henrie Beacham my Godson the son of John Beacham of Cosgrave five pounds Item I give unto Thomas Kent my Godson the son of Thomas Kent five pounds Item doe oblidge and emoynd my brother Thomas Travell of Haversham to pay unto my wife Jane Stamer Thirtiesixe shillinges a year yearly as longe as the said Jane my wife shall live which shalbe in full satisfaction of all debts and accounts between him and myself from the beginning of the world till this present day Item I doe make and ordaine my brother Thomas Travell of Haversham overseer of this my last will and testament whom I repose my whole trust and confidence in for the aidinge and assisting of my wife during her naturall life and after her decease I leave all to my said brother Travell to soe desposed of according to this my last will and testament as he shall finde lefte after my wives decease Also my will and meaninge is that non of these gifts or legacies shalbe due or payable till after my wives decease and then to be disposed of proportionable as God shall please to spare her to leave behinde her to be disposed of according to my will by my brother Thomas Travell And I do hereby revoke and denounce all other wills or promises or gifts whatsoever and In witness of the same have hereunto put my hand and seale this eighth day of August 1652 the marke of William Stamer Sealed and delivered in the presence of Thomas Travel Richard Mills and the marke of Joan Kent

Proved on the twentieth day of May 1653 by Jane Stamer relict