The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWe: 3 168

John Travell 1536

In dei noie Amen In the yere of our lorde god 1535 And the xxvij [17th] day of November I John Travell of castlethorpp hole in mynde and remembrance butt sicke in my body making this my last Wyll and testament in manore and forme foloynge first I be queth my soll unto allmyghtye god and oure blessyd lady saynt mary and all the holy company of heveyn my body to be bureyd in the churche yard of oure blessed lady in the paryssche of castyll thrope I be queath unto the hye aulter for my forgotten tithes viijd [4d] Also I bequeath to the repar of the church a strike off barlie Item to Castlethorpe brige a strike of barley Also I bequeath to little linford brige half a strik of barley Also I bequeath xs[10s] for to have a tr.gmtallsone for my soule And all Christian soules Also I bequeath to Thomas travel my sonne iijl vjs viijd [£3 6s 8d] Also I bequeath unto Agnes my dowghter xls [40s] Also I bequeath unto the childe that my Wife is Withall if itt doo lyve xxs [20s] Also I Will and bequeath if Thomas Travell my sone depart and dye that his childs part shalbe delivered And parted betwixt the other ij[2] brothers And so further to the longest lyver of all them The residue of my goodds nott bequeathe I gyve unto Margarett my Wife whom I make my hole executrix to dispose as she thinkth best for my souls health Also I Will that my ffather Edward travel and John parrot be supervisors of this my last Will that it be performed and fulfilled and by ther paines taking I bequeath to them xijd [12d] a pece Written the yere and day above said these being Witness Sir Richard peirson curate John parrott Richard Wolf and xstoper Rawlygs

Probate: Northampton iij [3rd] April 1536