TNA PROB 11/151

Michaell Troughton 1627

In the name of God Amen The sixt of March in the yeare of our Lord god, one thousand sixe hundred Twentie sixe and in the second yeare of the Reigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of god of great Brittaine ffrance and Ireland King Defender of the ffaithe etc. I Michaell Troughton of Castle Thorpe within the Countie of Buckingham gent. Being in good and perfect Remembrance blessed be god, Revoaking and Disannulling all former Wills and testaments by me made doe ordaine and make this my last will and testament in manner and fforme followinge, That is ffirst I bequeath my soule into the mercifull protection of Allmightie god the father, sonne and holie ghost verily beleeving and assuring my self in the love of god, and by the power of his spirit that all my sinnes whatsoever are ffreely pardoned and forgiven me in and for the precious Death and obedience of my onelie and alone Lord and saviour Christ Jesus, and that thereby I shalbe made an Inheritor of Everlasting life in glory and happiness My bodie I Comend unto the earth therein to be buried and to Remayne in hope until the resurrection of the just to liefe Everlastinge Item I doe bequeath unto my sonne Mark Troughton, and to my seaven daughters that is to saie to Sara Troughton, Anne Troughton, Mary Troughton, Barbaroe Troughton, Susanna Troughton, Elizabeth Troughton, Katherine Troughton equall partes and portions out of my Lease of Castle Thruppe, as the said Lease in right is to be Devided betweene my wief and my Children as it maie appeare by the deede whereby it was Conveyed unto me and them by my father Richard Troughton of Handslope gentleman, Item I give unto my wief Thirteene pence half penny Item I give to the poore of the Towne of Handslope where I was borne ffortie shillings, All the rest of my estate either goodes Chattells and Leases not before disposed or unbequeathed my just and true debts being paid I give unto my said Loving Daughter Sara Troughton whom I doe ordaine and make my sole executrix of this my last will and Testament, And I doe appoint and nominate my lovinge friend Richard Lane gent Administrator During her minoritie. And overseer of this my will and testament In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seale, and doe hereby publish and declare this to be my last will and testament in the presence of those whose names are hereunder written Mic: Troughton Sealed and delivered in the presence of Richard Cragge John Smith John Tavener, The marke of Christian Gyles widdowe

Probate 5th April 1627