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Bridget Tyrrill 1685

In the name of God Amen the twenty second day of January In the five and Thirtieth yeare of the reigne of our Sovereigne Lord King Charles the second and in the yeare of our Lord One Thousand Six hundred eighty three I Dame Bridget Tyrrill Widdow and relict of Sir Thomas Tyrrill Knight late and of the Justices of his Maiesties Court of Common pleas deceased being of sound and disposing mind and memories and through the goodness of God in an indifferent estate of health as I last made it my endeavour through the assignment of Gods grace to be prepared for a better life soe being willing to wait all of my appointed time till my charge cometh without distraction which commonly accompanies an unsettled estate Doe make this my last will and testament as followeth And first I commend my Soule into the hands of God from whence it came And my body I comitt to the earth where it was made to bee interred in such decent manner as my Executrix hereinafter named shall thinke fitt in the Chancell of the Church of Castle Throp where I now live as neare the body of my late deare husband Sir Thomas Tyrrill as conveniently may bee done and under a stone there already prepared for that purpose And as touching the worldly estate wherewith God hath bin pleased to intrust mee I will devise and bequeath the same as followeth And first whereas there is due and oweing to mee from my sonne in law Sir Peter Tyrrill Executor of the last will and Testament of Sir Thomas Tyrrill his father and my late deare husband the summe of ffive hundred pounds of lawfull mony of England which according to Articles of Agreement upon intermarriage should have been paid out of my said husbands estate at the time of his decease which said summe was within one month after it became due demanded of the said Sir Peter by mee or some other person for my use Now out of gratefull memories of my said deare husband I doe give and bequeath the Said summe of five hundred pounds with the interest thereof now due and growing due unto the daughters of Sir Peter Tyrrill which shall be liveing at my decease to bee paid unto them in equal portions at their respective ages of One and Twenty yeares or days of marriage which shall first happen and if any of them dye before their age of one and twenty or day of marriage the said summe and growing interest thereof shall be equally divided betweene the Survivors at the respective dayes and times aforesaid and in case they all die before the time for receiving the same then I will that it goe to Sir Peter and his executors and assignes and that the bond be forthwith delivered to him or his assignes Provided always and upon this Condicion that the said Sir Peter Tyrrill upon request of my Executrix doth forthwith enter into one bond of One thousand pounds to Doctor Harrington John Thompson and Symon Mayn Gent for the true payment of the said five hundred pounds and Interest thereof due and growing due to such persons in such proportions and at such times as aforesaid otherwise I give the said five hundred pounds and interest thereof to my Executrix hereinafter named but in case Sir Peter execute such bond then I doe hereby require and appoint my Executrix at the same time to give to the said Sir Peter Tyrrill a full and legall discharge and release of and from the said summe of five hundred pounds and the interest thereof and of all Claymes and demands of for or by reason of the same or any part thereof as fully as if the same had been actually paid unto her I also give and bequeath unto the said Peter Tyrrill for the better accommodation of the house in Thorpe (wherein I now dwell) All such household goods furniture and utensils (except Lynnon) as shall bee remaining at my death and are in a Schedule hereto annexed mentioned and expressed to bee in the severall roomes chambers cellars outhouses parts and places of the said house and noe otherwise And forasmuch as the said Schedule hath beene of long standing and part of the said goods and furniture in the said rooms and parts of the house are in and by this my will given and bequeathed to severall persons my will and true meaning is that in case such goods and furniture should bee unoblierated (by any slip or mistake) in the said Schedule that then the gift and bequest of them in this my will shall stand and take place and I doe hereby declare soe much of the said Schedule to bee void and of noe effect and noe part of this my will and for the Lynnen for as much as it is much impaired by use I leave it to my Executrix to give what part thereof shee shall think fitt to Sir Peter Tyrrill I also further give and bequeath unto the said Sir Peter Tyrrill All my Carts waines wagons wheeles ploughes shares, Coulters Harrows Cart Geers Halters Cart and Plough timber and all other my implements of husbandry whatsoever and also my timber wood and Coles other then what my Executrix shall spend in the family during her abode here at Throp which I require and appoint to bee kept in the house at my Executrixes cost and charges for the space of a moneth to the end my servants may have sometime to provide for themselves Provided always and upon this Condicon that if the said Sir Peter Tyrrill by himself or others shall deny my Executrix the use of the Carts geers and wagons for the carrying off of her goods which I require her to doe within three monethes after my decease or shall in any wise hinder my Executrix in the keeping my family together as I have above appointed or hinder her in the removeing her goods and what belongs to her as my legatee or Executrix or shall in any manner of wayes obstruct the letting of my land either by himself or any others or shall neglect or refuse to aid and assist my letting or to joyne with mee in the letting of the same at the best rent the time will afford that then all and every the above mentioned gifts and bequests to the said Sir Peter Tyrrill shall cease determine and bee said any thing herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding Also I give and bequeath to the said Sir Peter Tyrrill Twenty guineas and the best of my two diamond rings which are of one fashion Also I give to my grandsonne Thomas Tyrrill eldest son of Sir Peter Tyrrill Twenty guineas and in memory of his grandfather and my deare husband who gave him his name I give to him my greate silver basket my greate gilt Cupp cover and server which is a lasting monument of my respect to the family I would have goe and disend to the Heire Males as an Heireloome Also I give and bequeath to my daughter Sir Peter Tyrrills Lady Tenne guineas to buy her a ring for my sake Also I give unto my said daughter the Lady Tyrrill one of the fine long damaske table Clothes which is for the Tables when they are sett three together in the dineing roome and eighteen fine damaske napkins belonging to it and two fine damaske sideboard clothes both of assir and two damaske towels and one fine damaske table cloth for a round table and foure greene Plushcushions for the elboe chaires in the Parlor and a paire of the finest Holland sheetes (whereof there are three pair) and also Pillowbeers belonging to them And whereas by virtue of some assignments or assignment made to mee and my heirs by some of the London Bankers in consideration of a considerable summe of mony which I placed in their hands I now stand seized of the yearly rent of thirty two pounds eighteen shillings foure pence charged forever upon and yearly payable out of his Majesties perpetuall revenue of the excise by virtue of his Majesties Letters Pattents Tenne pounds parcell of which said yearly rent I have by deed settled to and for charitable uses Now the rest and residue of the said thirty two pounds Eighteen shillings and foure pence being twenty five pounds eighteen shillings and foure pence I doe hereby give and bequeath unto my Neece Anne Harrington for and during her naturall life and after her decease to the first sonne of her body lawfully begotten or to bee begotten and the heires Males of such first sonne and for want of such issue to such daughter of my said Neece as shall bee named Bridgett and in default thereof or after such daughters decease then I give and bequeath the same to my and goddaughter Bridgett Torlesse for and during her life and after her decease to the first sonne of her boddy lawfully begotten and the heires males of such sonne and for want of such Issue I give and devise the same unto my sonne in law James Tyrill and his heires forever and all the estate right title and interest whatsoever which I have of in or to the said Rent of two and twenty pounds eighteen shillings and foure pence for or by reason of the said assignment or assignments Also I give and bequeath unto my daughter Jane Twenty guineas One hundred pounds in silver my diamond ring of the Rose fashion the round table in the Hall and the Walnuttree chaire in my owne Chamber with the greene cloth Cushion and I give unto her one paire of french holland sheetes and pillowbeers to them and also a feather bedd and bolster and a large pewter charger for her daughter This I give also to every of my daughter Janes three children one guinea Also I give to my neece Child the old server called Sister Lucyes the silver Snuffers and Snuffe dish to buy her good Server Also I give to my neece Keckwitch the Chest of Drawers of Allegant swood and the two stand which are at Mr. John Deagles at the sign of the Cat in Pauls Churchyard Also I bequeath unto my sonne in law James Tyrrill Twenty guineas One hundred pounds in silver my saphir ring with two diamonds my silver Cupp with two eares and the cover to it the Lesser silver tankard One silver Salt and two Silver Spoons Alsoe I give to my Neece Bridgett Torlesse twenty guineas my ring with the greate blewe saphir stone my lockett of diamonds with the long stone downe the middle my bracelet of blew and greene Cutt Christolls and the lid of my silver warming pann to buy her a Server or Cupp Also I give one hundred pounds to bee equally divided betwixt ten such Ministers and Tenns such widows of Ministers as I shall name to my Executrix or in any writing under my hand Also I give and bequeath soe much of my guinea gold to the severall persons hereafter named severally and respectively and in such proportions as hereafter followeth (that is to say) To Mr. John Deagle my true and faithfull Cash keeper Twenty guineas To Dr. Harrington tenn guineas To my Cosen Tompson Tenne guineas To my nephew Main tenne guineas to my grandchild Blow Tenne guineas To every of her six children a guinea To my nephew Blow a guinea to buy him a ring To eny of nephew Main’s Nine Children a guinea To every of that five daughters of Sir Peter Tyrrill a guinea To Mr Barton a guinea To Mr. Howard a guinea To Mr. Ward a guinea To Mr. Newill a guinea To my neece Anne Harrington an hundred guineas unlesse in my life time I give her the same And as for my old broad gold by which I meane Jacobuses I give and bequeath soe much thereof to the severall persons hereafter named and in such proportion as followeth that is to say to Sir Edmund Harrington and his Lady each of them one broad peece To Mr Henry Harrington and his lady each of them one broad peece To Mr. Smith and his lady each of them one broad peece To Mr. Kreckwitch and his Lady each of them a broad peece To Mr. Miller and his lady each of them a broad peece To Mr. Edward Browne and his Lady each of them a broad peece to Mr. John Browne one broad peece To Madam Dickenson One broad peece To Mr. Edward Harrington one broad peece To Mr. Robert Harrington one broad peece Also my will is that Mr. Rixun preach my funeral Sermon for which I hereby give to him forty shillings and appoint three pounds for Cloth to hang the pulpitt with which Cloth after my interment I give to him And in case hee doe not preach I give and allow the mony and Cloth as aforesaid to such person as shall preach Also I give five pounds to the poore of Throp and five pounds to the poore of Hanslop Alsoe I give and bequeath to my woman Sarah Andrew five pounds for mourning One hundred pounds in silver the bedd and bedsted wherein I lye withal manner of things belonging to the said bed and therewith used or to bee used except the old featherbed and bolster which I have before given to my granddaughter Ellis Also I give unto my said woman the two Carpetts of the same Cloth with the bedd and also a paire of french holland sheetes and a pair of pillowbeers belonging to them and also a blacke leather trunke which stands in the Chambermaids Chamber under the Clocke and the chest of drawers that stands at the maides beds feete and I give unto her all my wearing apparel whatsoever, hereby requireing her to give what shee does not like to my chambermaide I also give to my servant Bedo five pounds for mourning and thirty pounds in silver and also the featherbed bolster pillow blancketts and bedstead whereon hee lyes and a sett of darke colloured Cloth Curtanies double vallance and Counterpaine which lye in that truncke which I have given to my woman Andrew Alsoe I give to every of my other Servants forty shillings a peece to buy them mourning Alsoe I give and bequeath to my neece Anne Harrington one greene plush Cushion lined with Sarcenett and the wallnuttree chaire in the parlor and the gold box with the Harrington Knott on the Lidd of it being the fellow to that which the judge gave her I give to her for her life and after her decease I will that it goe to my neece Smyth in memory of her uncle the Judge for whom she own’d a greate honor I also farther bequeath unto my neece Anne Harrington All the furniture of the green Chamber over the Hall with the hangings belonging every thing belonging to that roome and the little pallet bedd and every thing belonging it the Two pictures of myself and the Judges picture and the greate glasse in the dineing roome and the two Christoll hanging shelves in the drawing roome with those little ornaments placed and standing upon the same And also I give and bequeath unto her my said neece Anne Harrington All and singular other my plate jewels mony goods chattels and Creditts of what nature or kind soever then what is before in and by virtue of this my last will and testament given and bequeathed to any other person or persons Howbeit my desire to my said neece is that in case shee marries and have sonns and daughters or either that shee will christen her first or second sonne Tyrrill in memorie of her Honoured Uncle and my deare husband and that shee will give unto her first daughter (if shee judge mee worth the remembrance) the name of Bridgett, and my request unto her is that shee will give the plate unto that sonne as shall bare the name of Tyrrill and the jewels to that daughter as shall bear the name Bridgett the said sonne and daughter respectively behaving themselves virtuously and with that duty and obedience towards their mother during her life as becomes them and not otherwise And I do hereby constitute nominate and appoint my said neece Anne Harrington sole Executrix of this my last will and testament hereby first revokeing all former and other will Codicills and shedulls in nature of wills heretofore at any time by mee made Signed Sealed and published And I doe desire my loving friends Dr. Harrington Mr. John Thompson and Mr. Simon Main to bee overseers of this my last will and testament and to bee aiding and assisting to my Executrix in the execution of the same And that there may bee noe difference betwixt my Executrix and woman for a further explanation of what I intend by my gift to my said woman of my bedd as aforesaid I doe therein and thereby and with the said bedd and bedsted give and devise unto her the Curtanies valance blancketts pillows blew Coverlid blacke wrought sheete Lemon coloured silke quilt new feather bed and bolster and in testimony that this is my will comprehending with the Schedules hereunto annexed being nine sheete of paper I have subscribed my name to each sheete and caused them to bee filed together and have sett my seale to the Ligament thereof at the top of the first sheete and at the last sheete B. Tyrrill Memorandum that these interlineations (and growing due) as shall bee remaining at my death) in fol. [folio] 2. and these words (and therewith used, or to be used) and (have before and these words (and in memory of her uncle the Judge for whom shee owned a greate Honor) in fol. [folio] 3 were first made and then my will published Signed Sealed and published as my last will and testament in the presence of John Wittewronge Wm ffarrer John Hammatt

The first Schedule or Inventory of goods in my house at Castle Thorpe intended for Sr. Peter Tyrill hee performing the conditions expressed in my will to which this annexed.

In the Hall. A faire Shovellboard table with the bord, three formes, a faire oval-Table, a large square table, Seaven high redd leather chaires, a leather Carpett upon the Ovall table, a Pendulum Clock and Case, foure ordinary pictures Two Tinn Sconces with Socketts, a three cornered wooden stoole, a new bell, my husbands Eschochson or Majestie an Excellent lock and key with bolts to the door.

In the Buttery. A large Table, a forme, one of the foure tables that belongs to the Dining roome, another little table upon which the presse for Linen stands, a press for Linen, a Glass case or Cubbord the wall, a large presse with doores and two cubbords to keepe foule linen in, three shelves and three loose boards against the wall a Buttery Napkin basket a voyder basket an Old basket for Trenchers A wooden voyder for glasses a round Iron frame for a waxlight ande brass Sconce, a paile with an Iron baile to wash glasses in, two new window shutters Two locks and keys to the buttery and roome within it.

In the Parler. The old greene hangings and upon them new green printed paragon hangings with gold Staves gilt leather, a Chimney picture of the Story of Hester The King and Queens pictures and Dukes of Yorks Three pictures of the seasons of the yeare five little pictures of Luther and Perkins a Sheppard and Sheppardes and a little boy with a bitch and her puppies, a Sydeboard table, a good Cloth Carpett edged with gilt leather a green printed Stuffe carpet edged with gilt leather and two green bayes Carpetts to lye uppermost, three window curtain rodds a large wallnuttree Cane Chaire a large Couch of greene Cloth covered with greene bayes and upon that a covering of new green printed paragon, a looking glass, three elboe chaires, with turned pillers twelve high Chaires, with turned pillers whereof two are upon the Staires three low chaires with turned pillars a little stand table with greene and gold Seaven old green plush cushions quilted Sixteen new green paragon quilted cushions and one new green squob of the same for the Couch Chaire. A round wicker Skreen, a fire grate fire shovel and tongs with brasse knobs a paire of Andirons with broad double brasses An Iron back with a Phenix Skreen fanns a paire of bellows a paire of Snuffers and Snuffedish foure long flower potts of bastard China and a Cucket, Three locks and keys to the parler and garden doores with bolts, foure gold colour searge window Curtaines.

In the Kitchen Two Dressers and shelves behinde the doore, a good Jack Double pullies and lead weights weighing forty two pounds, a long barr of Iron in the Chimney to hang the pott hangers on two pott hangers with a hooke to hang on them, a large fire grate with two wings two barrs at the bottom five barrs on the side and one barr loose to hold up the Wood fires a greate paire of Tongs, a plaine fire Shovell a fire shovell with a grate, a paire of greate Cobirons or racks and two loose iron hooks on them, a fire forke, a fender, two iron dripping pans, two greate spits, two middling spits, two little spits the one double, on beese forke, two iron cleavers, a trimming knife one iron pott with hooks, one iron kettle both weighing ninety eight pounds one little brasse pot one little iorn pot with hooks, large Copper pott with a lidd tin’d one lesser copper pott with a lidd tind and one great brasse Skellit and three lesser ones three brasse Sawce pans large and tin’d over one little brasse ladle and two brasse Skummers one brasse chaffing dish, one brass mortar with an Iron pestle one stone mortar with a wooden pestle, one large and two lesser Trivetts one gridiron, one dripping pann one tinn grater Cullender broyler pudding pan and a pan with a false bottom to boile fish in one copper pan tin’d over with a false bottom to stew Carps in, one copper pot tin’d to drinke in, one brass larding pinn one iron to draw foule with one iron and two large wooden peeles two large and one little frying pans two Alchymy Spoones, one greate Salt Tubb with a Cover and a padlock one little Salt box a wood screen to sett before the meate at the fire, a tub to put water in, a tub to receive the water in and one for the hogswash A Souce Tub, one wooden platter two greate bowles and three dishes one basket for Sea Cole and one pair of bellows Two wooden foure footed stooles a rack for bacon and one mincing block, pewter one venson pasty plate and one large charger belonging to it, Twelve dishes of the largest size, twelve dishes of the next size four Intermesses to them foure pye plates, one large intermesse for a grand Sallett with broad brims and armes in the middle, foure large Sallett dishes one Disart with five sallet dishes of a size belonging to it, six dozen of trencher plates foure porringers twelve Scuoters one large and one lesse pewter bason, one large cisterne, two large flaggons one lesser flaggon of a another fashion, one pewter pott to wash glasses in with a ladle one large and three lesser paire of Candlesticks.

In the Inner larder within the Kitchen. Six shelves foure formes and a tressell to sett Tubbs on, one large one lesser powdering tubs with Covers, one greate one lesser Sowce Tubbs one paire of Scailes and a pound lead weight, one haire Sieve, one pepper mill three earthen potts for kitchen shelfe one stone bottle for vinegar.

In the little roome under the staires. Two little barrels for verjuice, a tressell they stand on a basket for Charcole, a deale box for Candles, a Chest of drawers for spice.

In the back kitchen. foure tables two Oven lids, a paire of Scailes with an iron beam a chaine to hang the iron, and an Iron halfe hundred weight, two new Spinning wheels a paire of Woodden racks.

In the Inner Larder in the back kitchen, Twoe shelves One stand one forme and a board on it a salting Trough for bacon, a safe for cold meate, a window Shutter, a greate flower Tubb with a cover a lesser flower Tubb with a cover a flower barrel and an Oatmeale Barrell, a locke and a key to the doore.

In the Meale house four shelves and a board for A Seate, one table, one greate kneading trough with an hand scoup an Iron Scraper and a lesser kneading trough, a greate meale tub with a cover two great and two lesser tressells one meale ladder, one haire, one lacone sive, one rowling pin a lock and keys to the doore.

In the great Seller Thirteene upright hogges heads, two little rundletts one Candle Chest foure stands the hogsheads stands on, one tubb The Tappins of bier falls in, one greate Funnell.

In the little Ayle Seller. One Teartt, two stands the Ayle stands on, two little rundletts.

Upon the Staircase Twenty four pictures greate and little viz: Bacchus or Autumne over the Buttery doore, a little piece of fruite over the parlor doore Twelve Caesars, Herord and John Baptists head Hunting of the Stagg: Martir. T. Bera & J Calvin Orpheus, Ahasuerus and Hester, a Countrey farme, a little water peece, a garden house in water colours, a round table, two Turkey worke chaires.

In the greene and silver roome. The hangings round the Chamber of greene and silver gilt leather with fourteene new skins of the same and a square skreen of the same, one hanging shelfe of green and gold one stand for water of green and silver two new square tables one with a drawer a picture over the Chimney one paire of iron dogs for the Chimney one sett of new fashion brasse Andirons viz: two Andirons two dogs one fire shovel one paire of tongs and two screws to hold them, one paire of bellows one paire of Snuffers three curtaine rodds, one elboe chaire two little chaires foure folding stooles excludeing the lose wrought covers, two greene Curtaines for winter one lock and key for the Doore Two white window Curtaines.

In the Calicoe or little roome over against it. The hangings round the Chamber of stript Stuffe with two Curtaines and rodds a bedsted matt cord and three curtaine rodds foure curtaines and valance of stained Calicoe and lined with white Calicoe with tester head piece and Inner valance of the same, a larger counterpaine of the same stained calicoe lined with dimity a table cloth with three lapps and Two Cases for two low stooles of the same a new feather bedd, Two feather bolsters and two feather pillows two good new white woollen blanquetts and a flockworke Coverlid, a stript table cloth upon one of the tables two new tables with Drawers one great elboe chaire of red leather with a case of green Searge Two high Turkey worke chaires two low stooles of red leather one Turkey worke Cusheon one looking glass with a doore frame one Stand for water one close stoole and pewter pann a lock and key to the doore.

In the Dineing roome. The hangings round the roome of gray and gold gilt leather Three King Henry’s Pictures, one little picture in a gold frame of water coloures Two greate gilt Sconces with Socketts one Skreene of the same gilt leather Six elboe Chaires of wainescott colour with turned pillars, one elboe blacke Chaire with turned pillars Twelve high chaires of the same garnished with gilt nailes Two spannish tables two black stands a picture over the Chimney of hunting the Stagge, an Indian large matt for the State eight white Callicoe window curtains four white Curtains for the drawing roome doore and window Six curtaine rodds three large yellow paragon curtaines of twelve breadthes for winter one large white paragon Curtaine of three breadthes foure window clothes stript with gold and silver gilt leather Two Carpetts with lappets of gold coloured Seage stript and edged with gilt leather for the Spannish tables, foure gold coloured Searge Carpetts for the foure greate tables when sett together in this roome Nineteene figured velvet Cusheons and two of the blacke chaire backs lined with the same three dozen and marble coloured paveinge tiles for the Chimney Six greate and two little Scollop dishes for the Chimney one flower pott gilt with a Cherubim one paire of gilt bellowes Two white paragon Curtaines over the doore A lock and bolts to the doore.

In the withdrawing roome The hangings round the roome of gold coloured Searge, One white paragon Curtaine for the winter, one square picture of fruite and Lobsters, one long picture of David and Abigail, three King Henry’s pictures eleaven little pictures in gold frames, two blacke elboe chaires with turned pillars one Table, two black Squobbs with broad Seats Six gold colour tabbey Cusheons a window cloth stript with gold leather two little heads for the window upon two little China dishes, two wooden flower potts gilded all over with gold a blew glasse bottle rib’d with Gold.

In my neece Annes Chamber The hangings round the roome of greene bayes with a picture over the Chimney one window Curtain rodd, a bedsted three curtain rods with a greene Serge laced bedd foure curtains Tester head peece double valance with a broad Silke fringe and a large counterpaine of the same Two feather beds, Two feather bolsters and one pillow.

More in my neece Annes Chamber, Two white woollen blanquetts one redd rug One greene flagg Charie a feather Cusheon with a bucke on it, one high red leather Chaire a low red leather chaire and stoole with greene searge Casts a plaine wainescott Chest with foure drawers, one high Chest of drawers that stood in my husbands study for writing, a wainescott chest to hang clothes in a large blacke leather truncke and one lesser trunck to keepe house linen in a large redd leather truncke with a Crowne in nailes upon the lidd, a red window Curtaine a paire of Iron dogs for the Chimney two locks and bolts to the doores.

In my womans Clossett copper Coffin for Venison, one greate Copper Sawce pann tinn’d over three greate copper preserving pans tinn’d over, one Copper drinking pott with a lidd one large brasse scummer one little brasse ladle, foure brasse skillitts and one little skillitt, three tinn’d boxes with lids one tinn’d box without a lidd for coller beiffe one new tinn Stew pann, one tinn pann with a false bottom to boile fish, one new tinn grater without a bottome, one tinn pasty pann one tinn dridging box two tinn covers one tinn Coffee pott one Tinn hoop to bake a cake in three dozen and a halfe of tinn biskett pans five tinn fishes for fresh Cheese and Creame two tinn prints to cut paste for garnishing one brasse jagging iron a preserving furnace two little iron Chaffing dishes one stone mortar and a wooden pestle one paire of brasse scailes and five weights one wooden voyder one box with drawers for spices, one greate deep box with lock and key another deale box one broad hanging shelfe and nine other boards with two boards to hold up the pewter, a board to wash white Sarcenetts on a frame to wash Points De Venee Six little wooden dishes to boile puddings in, three maple trenchers one rolling pinn, a spoone, a wooden Slice three dry Cowes a case for a looking glasse, one joint stoole and a three cornered stoole, a forme and two short tables twelve baskets for fruite a round basket for the desert Six little sives Tenn earthen pans of severall fashions, one pipkin one Sillybub pott, two Scollop dishes and two plates of white mettle foure pitchers Two long blew and white potts to stow plums in eight gally potts with pickles in them two earthen potts with Covers to keepe Sugar, three greate wide mouthed glasses for pickles Six urinalls whereof three Crooked, a greate maine [many] little glasses vialls and potts one little iron trivet two broad irons to sett before the fire one frying pann, a jack chaine and a peece of iron chaine an earthen perfumeing pott a lock and key to the doore.

In my Clossett within my womans a Table and five shelves, one red leather chaire covered with green, a joint stoole a deep box for fruite, a long shallow box for jelly glasses seaven other large boxes, four deale boxes, foure wainscot boxes, Two little barrels for brandy foure Tinn sheetes, and one sheets of glasse one tinn Tankard two tinn sawce pans two tinn spitting boxes twelve tinn new candlesticks one new tinn Cullender five white Scollop dishes two white plaine Creame bowls six white plates twelve little porringers Sixteene white Custord dishes, seaven greater, five lesser white shallow Custord dishes two white pint potts foure lesser white potts, three greate white porringers Twenty three shallow gally potts for marmalade tenn marmalade glasses thirty gally potts for sweete meats foure white basons and foure blew and white basons Twelve white Chamber potts foure little white potts with ears, foure pewter Socketts for Candlesticks eight Scollop Shells a lock and a key to the doore.

In my owne Chamber, the hangings round the roome of black and yellow brancht stuffe one large dimity blanquet one greene Sarcenett quilt lined with stained Calico two turkey worke Cusheons and one black plush leather cushion one chaire and three low stooles of red leather with sad coloured Covers to them two ordinary little tables with drawers, one plaine wainescott chest of drawers, one wainescott settle a folding skreene with Six leaves, a little wainscot skreene two little hanging shelves, one fire shovel tongs two iron dogs, one paire of bellows snuffers and a Trivett six Coffee Cupps and foure potts one pewter Standish sand box houre glasse pully a reading frame three window Curtaine rodds one brasse Candlesticke with an handle a white chamber pott a wainescott shutter for the window, one grate two brimles pewter basons a lock and key to the doore.

In my maides chamber a bedsted and mattres three curtaine rodds foure curtaines and valance of stript stuffe with a buckrom tester, one feather bed and feather bolster, a pallat feather bed and bolster one greene rug two white woollen blankets, two little feather pillows one brasse warming pann, one little brasse candlestick, a large presse and four shelves Two large chests for foule Linnen with a stand to it, a wooden stand for water and a wooden stoole, a lesser woodden for foule linen five deale boxes one close stoole and pewter pann a window shutter one old haire and one old leather trunck black.

In the Oystershell Chamber The hangings round the room of red flock worke A bedstead matt and Coard a new feather bed and feather bolster and two dozone pillows an old blanquet next the bed two new white woollen blanquets one new Scarlett coloured rug.

More in the Oystershell Chamber, foure feild curtaines head peece tester and Counterpaine of thred damaske all edged with fringe, five cases for a Couche and foure stooles and a Cusheon of the same stuffe two square tables with a drawer in one of them, one armed chaire with Turned pillars, one high wooden chaire and a red searge Cusheon foure foulding stools with quilts and a foulding footstoole of gilt leather one red stand for water Three Curtaine rodds for the windows, five window Curtains of stained Callicoe Two Table clothes of the same with three laps one paire of Andirons with brasse knobs, one paire of Doggs, a fire shovel one paire of tongs bellows and Snuffers a lock key and bolt to the doore.

In the little Chamber over against the Oystershell roome, the hangings round the roome of stript stuffe green and yellow Two window Curtaines of the same with two curtaine rods for them a bedsted with wainescott head matt Cord and three Curtaine rods foure Curtaines and valance of greene searge with silke fringe with a head peece and buckrom tester, a feather bedd, a feather boulster and feather pillows all very good Two square tables the new one with a drawer two white woollen blankets, one good red rug one Red one greene carpets for the tables One Red stand for the water one close stoole and pewter pann one elboe chaire of red Cloth and a Turkey worke Cusheon, one Turkey worke high chaire Two stooles with red and gold leather one broken looking glasse a lock and key to the doore.

In the Closett within the greene chamber, foure broad boards for table and shelves the hangings round the roome of greene stript stuff and a long table Cloth of the same a settle with a greens searge Case with a silke fringe a close stoole and a pewter pan.

In the Laundry roome, a bedstead matt and Cord without head and Tester a feather bed and feather bolster, a flock bed and two flock bolsters Two white woollen blanquetts, one yellow Coverlid one large square Table, Two lesser Tables, one napkin beater, one forme, two folding stooles one broken, one Cheese presse and a tressel it stands on, one large Chest with lock and key for linen three Basketts for clothes five hampers for Linnen one line or bed Cord, one old white blanquett to smooth on, one old yellow Coverlid to put wooll in, a fire grate shovel Tongs an iron before the fire one paire of bellows a lock and key to the doore.

In the roome even with the Laundry roome, a bedsted with wainescott head and Tester Matt Cord and three Curtaine rods, foure Curtaines and valance of grey searge with a silke caul fringe, a feather bedd two feather boulsters and Two feather pillows all good, one grey rug two good white woollen blanquets the hangings round the roome of old stript stuffe and three window rodds one Elboe and three gray Searge chaires three red leather chaires, covered with green one high Cupboard and one Chaire Table one large wooden chest for linen with two locks and keys one lesser wooden Chest with two locks and keys, one paire of old Andirons with brasse knobs a lock and key to the doore.

In the Chamber over the Oyster shell roome The hangings round the roome of stript stuffe, a bedsted with wainescott head and tester matt cord and three curtaine rodds foure Curtianes and valance of red Searge with silke fringe two good feather beds one feather bolster one flock bolster and two feather pillows Two good white blanketts one good red rug another new bedstead matt Cord and three Curtaine rodds four blew Searge Curtaines and valance stript with blew and white silke lace and silke fringe with an head peece and buckrom Tester one good one worse feather bedd, one feather bolster, one flock bolster two feather pillows, Two white woollen blanketts and one blew rug one window Curtaine and rodd one of the foure dineing roome tables one table cloth of lists one Cupboard with two shelves and another with a drawer one short Couch covered with greene Searge one low stool covered with greene two high red leather chaires covered with greene covers a lock and key to the doore.

In Bedo the Butlers Chamber, foure yellow bayes curtaines and valance one new yellow cloth Coverlid Two shelves and one little table with a drawer and one forme a lock and key to the doore.

In the middle garrett, a bedsted matt cord three curtaine rodds foure stript curtaines & valances, a featherbed a flock bedd two feather bolsters, two white woollen blanketts, and one greene rug one high red leather chaire two of the Dineing roome tables, an old peece of hangings upon one of the tables a lock and key to the doore.

In the Clossett within the middle garrett, One new green one old green, one old red rugs, one new yellow woollen Coverlid three new white woollen blanquets two short feather bolsters, one flock bolster new matting one wooden stand for water Two old buttery baskets two other greate baskets a wooden case for a looking glasse a lock and key to the doore.

In the roome between the middle garrett and Estwicks chamber, a new high bedstedd matt cord and rodds foure stript Curtaines and valance, a new trundle bedd with a Canvas laced a feather bed and a feather bolster and a flock bed and bolster all good, one old white blanquet one old yellow Coverlidd one settle a lock and key to the doore.

In Estwicks the Balys Chamber, a bedsted matt cord three curtaine rodds foure stript curtaines and valance and a buckrom Tester, one feather bed, one feather bolster one flock bolster one little blew quilt Two white woollen blankets one greene rug one square table with a drawer one red leather carpet one drum and sticks, one high redd leather chaire with a green Case, a lock and key to the doore.

In the Drying garrett One trundle bed frame a round table with a drawer a peece of an high Cupbord, a bedsted for the darke coloured bed and three Curtaine rodds corded together two good stills and an old still head three good hampers, one black case for a looking glasse, a lock and key to the doore.

In the Dayrye, a Cheese presse, four hanging shelves, with the instruments they hang on eight table shelves with their frames, one Table one old wainscot forme one bench with two tressels it stands on, Six kymnells, two Cheese Tubs one old whey tubb six Cheese fatts, two paire of Cheese tongs two sutors one Chirme Seaven Creame potts one paire of butter scale with a pound stone one butter board three steps to stand upon one stoole two Rennett potts, one Skim dish one quart one pint dishes one Cheese sive, one butter print one Kiner two milke pales one water pale.

In the Chamber over the Dairay. Three broad shelves Two formes Two old Cheese boards Two old Hampers one Stoole.

In the Poultrey houses two hen penns in the first house, Two penns in the second one old Bowle there one old bucket five Chicken troughs, one greate turkey penn in the third house one Chicken pen and one Henn penn.

In the Brewhouse A furnace or Copper, two brasse brewing kettles a Couler a meashing fatt, One kiner, under the mash fatt one working fatt a lesser working fatt one long trough a Hop sive one water spout two link hangers and one iron Barr. Washing vessels in the Brewhouse Three bucking tubs foure kiners one old washing tubb one long washing tubb Two old formes to sett the buck on one old stoole

In the Chamber over the Brewhouse foure hampers, one pack Sadle three little old barrels, one Ark to putt feathers in, five old little barrels.

In the Mill house one tub to worke drinke in, one Crutch to kill sheep on one little square Copper kettle one little brasse kettle one hog tubb one little hand paile one Shuttle one ladeing pale one old barrel one old chicken pen one old hogg bucket.

In the Mens Chamber Three Bedsteads two old feather beds Two old flock beds two pillows, two bolsters foure old blanketts, One old rug One yellow and one greene Coverlidd.

(Sig.) B. Tyrrill

A Codicill to be annexed to my will

Memorandum Whereas Dame Bridgett Tyrrill Widdow and Relict of Sir Thomas Tyrrill Knight late one of the Justices of His Majesties Court of Common Pleas made my last will and Testament in writing bearing date on the twenty second day of January in the five and thirtieth yeare of the reigne of our Sovereigne Lord King Charles the second and in the yeare of our Lord One Thousand six hundred eighty three And forasmuch as I have changed my minde touching some things in the said Will contenied and for the preventing all troubles and disputes that may arise betwixt Sir Peter Tyrill and my Executrix am willing to explaine others I doe for all things in the said will contenied (other than such as I shall hereby change or alter by this present Codicill) ratyfy and confirm my said will Subject to the restrictions herein mentioned And first whereas in and by my said Will I have given to my neece Torlesse amongst other things my Lockett of Diamonds with the longstone downe the middle I do hereby revoke my bequest thereof and alsoe doe hereby give and devise the same to my neece Anne Harrington and in lieu thereof I doe hereby give order and appoint to my said Neeece Torlesse Thirty pounds of lawfull money of England And I doe hereby give and bequeath to my woman Sarah Andrew the ordinary Twylights which are in my own roome And whereas in my said will I have given to Sir Peter Tyrrill for the better accomodation of his house in Thorp All such household goods furniture and utensills (except Linnen) as are in a Schedule in my said will annexed mentioned now for a cleerer explanation of those words goods furniture and utensills my meaning is and I doe hereby declare it to bee that the manner of plate of what nature kind or sort soever it bee is thereby given or shall thereby passe my minde being that my neece Anne Harrington shall have all my plate whatsoever and therefore I doe hereby declare that nothing shall passe by the before recited bequest to the said Sir Peter Tyrrill but what is expressed in the said Schedule to my said will annexed and mentioned therein to be in the respective roomes there named Also whereas I have my owne clossett and my womans clossett mentioned in the said Schedule and thereby the goods named to bee in the respective clossetts are by my will given to the said Sir Peter Tyrrill Now my mind and meaning is that my Executrix in my will named shall have her choice to take and deteine all or any of the goods mentioned to bee in the said Clossetts in and by the said Schedule anything in my said Will conteined to the contrary notwithstanding And I doe hereby farther appoint that all and every the legacies of money in and by my will given shall be paid by my Executrix within one month after my decease And my will is that this present Codicill bee and bee adjudged and taken to bee parcell of my last Will and to bee of force by right of a codicill in the best manner that may bee And I doe hereby require my Executrix that shee cause all things in this Schedule or Codicill conteined to bee faithfully performed according to my true meaning as if the same were soe sett downe in my said last Will In witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the eighteenth day of July in the Six and thirtieth yeare of the reinge of our Sovereigne King Charles the second and in the yeare of our Lord One Thousand six hundred eighty foure B. Tyrill. Signed sealed and published in the presence of Wm. Farrar Tho: Barr Tho: Hoskins Wm. Salisbury

Glossary of unfamiliar words in the Schedule

Ark. Old name for a coffer.
Bayes. Baize, a coarse woollen stuff.
Buck. Lye, an alkaline solution for washing; also a ‘large wash of clothes’.
Close-stool. Chamber utensil in a box.
Coffin. A coffer, chest, box or basket.
Cobiron. One of the irons on which a spit turns.
Coverlid. Old form of ‘coverlet’.
Disart. Dessert.
Dimity. Stout cotton cloth, ribbed and figured, used chiefly for bed hangings and window curtains.
Flagg. Rush (seating).
Gallipot. A small earthen pot.
Hogwash. Kitchen refuse, food for swine.
Hutch. A chest, box or bin.
Intermesses. Anglicised form of entremets, earlier entremées, ‘side dishes’.
Kiner. Or Kiver, a shallow vessel of wood, oval in shape.
Parragon. Double camlet; a thin material originally made of camel’s hair, but later of wood or goat’s hair.
Peel. A wooden shovel used by a baker.
Pipkin. An earthen pot with a lid.
Points de Vence. Point de Venise or Venice lace.
Rundlett. Or Runlet, a small round barrel for ale.
Sallett. ‘A globular helmet’, from French salade and hence probably means salad.
Sarcenetts. Sarcenet, a soft fine silk material.
Shovel board. A very popular game in the 16th and 18th centuries, similar to ‘shove halfpenny’, but plated on a larger table (one at Boughton House, Northamptonshire, is 36ft. long), with brass discs or large coins.
Skillett. A small pan with a long handle.
Skummer. A skimmer.
Tearce. A tierce, a wine measure or cask.
Verjuice. Acid juice of unripe fruit .
Voyder. A large open basket, a clothes basket.