The Census Enumerators Records for Deanshanger  1881
Every ten years since 1801 within all administrative units in Britain, a population census has been undertaken.  The information recorded in the census includes the total population within the area, the gender mix and various other relevant data such as place of birth and occupation.  There was no census undertaken in 1941, due to the Second World War.
Currently the census records are available for inspection for the years 1841 – 1891.  More recent records are not yet available as British law prohibits the release of such information until 100 years has elapsed from the census date.

The following information was taken from the microfiche copies in the Northamptonshire Public Records Office.  I have selected for the Web Site the 1881 Census Enumerators Records for Deanshanger, as this was the most legible of all the available census records, however I still had difficulties deciphering some of the entries. 

I have tried to minimise mistakes by cross-referencing the information with the Parish Records for Births and Marriages, the Kelly’s Directories and the Latter Day Saints Census on CD-ROM.  However, regrettably some mistakes are inevitable, and I would welcome any feed back so that I can improve the accuracy of this information.

Lynda Limbert

Deanshanger Village Heritage Society