If you live in or near Milton Keynes, the MKHA can be your partner in Lifelong Learning

Most of the member groups of Milton Keynes Heritage Association are able to assist individuals or groups of all ages and at all levels of education. There is much useful information on the website, and you can locate it by looking at the paragraph on resources on the MKHA home page.

Of course, not all material can be included in the website, and if you need further help, you can contact the MKHA member group most likely to hold the information you need. To find the appropriate group, click on the button for the subject area which most closely corresponds with your need. This will give you a list of the groups which may be able to help you, and contact details can be found on the appropriate 'about us' or 'contact us' page.

  • If you need a speaker for your WI, U3A or other group, access the societies list and check which ones can provide or suggest speakers

  • Are you a teacher? Are you new to the area? MKHA member groups can help you in a variety of curriculum areas.

  • Are you a learner? Some groups are able to help with individual project work.

  • Help can be given to Scouts/Guides, Cubs/Brownies etc. preparing for badges

  • If you think we might be able to help you in any way not mentioned here, contact the Local Studies Library and outline your needs

  • Finally, remember that the Centre for Buckinghamshire studies in Aylesbury (formerly the County Record Office) is the official repository for all documents and pictures relating to the historic county of Buckinghamshire. School groups can visit by arrangement, and students of any age are encouraged to make use of the facilities. Website: www.buckscc.gov.uk/archives