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Wolverton Express June 23rd 1911


Coronation Celebrations 1911

Every means were employed to make the celebrations a complete success, and right well did the inhabitants show their loyalty to King George V, and Queen Mary. From every place possible, flags, festoons, and decorations were hung, and although a mizzle of rain occurred during the morning the spirits of the villagers were no wise dampened. An excellent programme had been arranged by the Hon. Secretary, and his energetic Committee. The celebrations were commenced by going to the parish church, and a large congregation assembled. The service opened by singing of the National Anthem, and concluded by the singing of the Te Deum. An excellent dinner was provided in the Manor Barn, to which ample justice was done. The Vicar proposed the toast of “The King and Queen,” wishing them a long life to reign over their successful country. This was loyally drunk to a verse of the National Anthem. After dinner, the parishioners lined the wall of the churchyard, to have their photos, taken by Mr. W. Carse. During the afternoon the Manor Grounds were open to visitors, by the kind, permission of E. T. Worley, Esq., and many availed themselves to look round the well appointed gardens. An interesting cricket match was played, the opposing sides being the married and single, the former winning a keenly contested game by 27 runs. The scores were: Married, 64; single, 27.

At the same time races were being run, under the charge of Mrs. and Miss Worley, and Miss Greaves. Results:-

Infant girls (50 yards). – 1, G. Massey: 2, A. Mead: 3, W. Grey.

Women’s potato race,- 1, Mrs. Adams: 2, Ms. Dunkley: 3, Mrs. Mead.

Infant boys (50 yards). – 1, Gamage: 2, Grey: 3, Cross.

Girls’ race, 100 yards. – 1, Bull: 2, Dunkley: 3, Gamage.

Women, Needle-threading.- 1, Mrs. Gee: 2, Mrs. Tysoe: 3, Mrs. Dunkley.

Boys race, 150 yards. – 1, W. Stretham: 2, F. Mead: 3, W. Bull.

Infant girls, 40 yards. – 1, J. F. Mead: 2, G. Massey: 3, K. Gibbs.

Girls’ obstacle race. – 1, A. Massey: 2, Dunkley: 3, R. Bull.

Women, walking blindfold. – 1, Mrs. Adams: 2, Miss Gee: 3, Mrs. Tysoe.

Boys jumping race. – 1, F. Mead: 2, Brightman: 3, R. Dunkley.

Infant boys, 40 yards. – 1, C. Gamage: 2, G. Lense: 3, A. Lenn.

Egg and spoon race. – 1, Miss Cowley: 2, Mrs. Adams: 3, Mrs. Mead.

Boys’ obstacle race. – 1, Dunkley: 2, Stretham: 3. R. Bull.

Women, potato peeling. – 1, Mrs. May: 2, Mrs. Townsend: 3, Mrs. Henry.

Women nail driving. – 1, Mrs. Butler: 2, Mrs. May: 3, Mrs. Townsend.

These concluded, the gathering filed into the Manor Barn for tea, which had been excellently catered for. Races followed for men. Results:-

120 yards handicap (married men), - 1st prize, 2s, ; 2nd, 1s., - Heat 1: 1, H. Burt: 2, F. Rose, - Heat 2: 1, T. Frost: 2, T. Butler. – Final: 1, F. Rose: 2, H. Burt.

240 yards handicap (single men). – 1st prize, 2s,: 2nd 1s. – 1, O. Souster: 2, T. Cowley.

Obstacle race (boys). _ 1st prize, 1s. : 2nd, 6d. – 1, W. Bull: 2, C. Bull.

Obstacle race (men). – 1st prize, 2s. : 2nd, 1s. – Rose and Cowley, dead heat.

60 yards, sack race. 1st prize, 2.: 2nd prize, 1s. – 1, F. Rose: 2, E. Cowley.

100 yards three-legged race. – 1st prize, 2s.: 2nd. prize 1s. – 1, H. Cowley and P. Souster: 2, S. Souster and F. Rose.

50 yards (each way) donkey race (donkey carries donkey home). 1st. prize 4s.: 2nd. 2s. – 1, P. Souster and H. Cowley: 2, S. Souster and T. Cowley.

100 yards married couples race. – 1st prize, 2s. 6d.: 2nd, 1s. – 1, Mr. and Mrs. Adams: 2, Mr. and Mrs. Dunkley.

Tug-of-war (cup to be presented. And held by the captain of the winning team).- The single team won by three pulls to nil.

The following are the officials who had charge of the arrangements during the day: The Rev Symonds (Chairman), E. T. Worley, Esq. (Treasurer); Committee, Messrs. J. Souster, A. A. Greaves, Moulden, J. Baugh, G. Dunkley, Wm. Tysoe, Thos. Hollis, W. Carr (Hon. Sec.): Lady Helpers, Mrs. Symonds, Mrs. and Miss Worley, the Misses Greaves, Misses Souster, Mrs. Carr and Miss Moulden; Sports Committee A. A. Greaves, G. Dunkley, and Wm. Carr (Hon. Sec.)

Back Row: Ann Williams
Middle: ?
Front Row: Janice Lovell ?, ?, David Keeves
- please name any other children
Eileen Keeves & Olive Mathews
as Darby & Joan
Coronation Fete 1953
Jan Hayward - Coronation 1953

Wolverton Express 22nd June 1925


Haversham and Little Linford, near Wolverton, are combining for the purpose of erecting a hut in the former village, Captain Price-Jones, of Haversham Manor, and Major A. G. T. Smith, are interesting themselves in the project, and with the object of providing funds, an enjoyable garden fete on Saturday was held in the Manor grounds, by permission of Captain Price-Jones. A large attendance was drawn from Wolverton and the villages in the neighbourhood. At the opening ceremony the Rector (the Rev. B. L. Symonds) briefly introduced Mrs. J. M. Knapp, J. P. formerly of Linford Hall, who spoke of the pleasure it gave her to visit her friends and wished them success. The Rector then expressed thanks to Mrs. Knapp and also to Captain Price-Jones for the use of the grounds. Mr. Geo. Tayler, J. P. seconded the vote, which was heartily endorsed. Miss Brenda Lane presented Mrs. Knapp with a lovely bouquet of white roses. The various stalls and sideshows were in charge of the following: Schoolchildren’s fancy, Miss Cox; confectionery, members of the G.F.S.; cakes, sweets, etc., Mrs. Price-Jones and Mrs. Smith; ices and balloons, Miss Smith; fancy and useful articles, members of the Women’s Institute; pottery, Miss Eva Cave; fancy stall, Mrs. Symons, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Souter, Miss H. Walker; Houpla Messrs. L. Hartup, W. Frost and J. Bricknell; spinning-wheel, Mrs. E. Chapman and Mr. F. Bricknell; cocoanuts, Mr. S. Frost, Mr. J. Baugh; miniature rifle range, Messrs. W. Cave, J. Gammage, and C. Hill; clock golf, Mr. J. Morris and Mr. T. Dunkley; basin and bucket, Mr. D. Dunkley and Mr. F. Rose. Music was discoursed by Mr. C. H. Scott’s Syncopated Trio, and in the evening played for dancing on the lawn. Mr. W. Hollis was M.C. for a whist drive. Mr. E. W. Humphrey was the indefatigable Hon. Secretary, assistance being given by Major Smith, Messrs. J. Chapman, R. and G. Dunkley. It was hoped to raise sufficient for the purchase of the hut. A whist drive was held with the following results: Ladies 1 Mrs. Foster, 2 Miss Casemore, 3 Mrs. Little; Gentleman, 1 Mr. T. North, 2 Mr. G. Warren

Extracts from "Haversham Estate And the Parish I Grew Up In" by David C. Brightman April 2000.


In May 1937 a ‘Jolly’ day was held on the Estate to celebrate the Coronation, in the Fancy Dress parade were Gordon Bailey, Peter Fewings, Mr Bob Wylie and Mr Sidney Horlock. A baby show was held for under 1 year, 1st was Jean Battrick 2nd was Ann Williams, 1 to 2 years 1st Peter Hinds 2nd David Brightman, Each child was given a Coronation Cup and Saucer and a booklet.
There was also a party and fireworks display, which I believe was to celebrate the Queen’s Coronation in 1953. Most of the roadside trees on the Estate were purchased by the Parish Council and planted to commemorate this event, now they are being moaned about because they are untidy, these Newcomers should have seen the Elms trees! The fireworks display had just started when a stray spark fell into the tea chest, which was being used for storing the fireworks, all the remaining fireworks went off with a tremendous bang and clouds of different coloured smoke, when that had cleared all that was left was the base and the metal strips that held the wooden box together!
Myself and Dennis Andrews were always blamed for this just because we were standing near the box when it ignited. I can’t remember what happened to Dennis but I was banned from the Youth Club, this was no big deal as I was not a member , but never mind, the next year I was called up for National Service, where there would be lots of bigger bangs.

Front Row: Oliver Webb, ?, Jack Mathews

Fete 1950 or 1951
Back Row: unknown, Jill Shrimpton
Middle Row: Janice Lovell, Jill Barber, Stephanie Walding
Sitting on the grass: Yvonne Clark

Jennifer Turner winner of the Under 5 Fancy Dress Competition
Jennifer Turner winner of the
Under 5 Fancy Dress Competition

Wolverton Express 24th September 1965

1966 Youth Club fete at Haversham

Sudden showers and a blustery wind did not prevent Haversham Club’s fete, on Saturday from being a success. Just over £47 was raised from the fete and a dance.
The fete was opened by Mr. H. W. Tarrant, who congratulated the Club on its initiative in organising the fete and said he hoped it would become an annual event. Children’s competitions and novelty races were arranged by the Club Committee, and a tug of war between a Club team and York House Youth Club, Stony Stratford, was won by York House.

Fancy dress

Judges for the fancy dress were Mrs. Tarrant, Mrs. Huckle and Mrs. Jelly.
Results were: Under 5, Jennifer Turner, 2 Shirley Draper, 3 Denise, Carol, Jeanette and Andrew Bane; 5-7 yrs. 1 Diane Poynter, 2 Peter Stimpson, 3 Julie Marshall and Douglas Marshall; over 7, 1 Vincent Soames, 2 Deborah Hooton, 3 Wendy Davies.
Helpers were: Helen Thompson, Adrian Cadman, Philip Grey, Kristen Cadman, Terry Barby, Gareth Penn, Mr. K. Hooton, Mr. K. Tull D. Welch, Mr. Lancaster, Jane Hooton, Caroline Potter, Mrs. Huckle, Marilyn Reeves, Eric King and Dorienne Perry.
A cake competition, judged by Mr. Taft, resulted, 1 Mrs. Saville, 2 Mrs. Thomas, 3 Mrs. Draper.
The Youth Club Leader, Mr. David Coleman, thanked Mr. and Mrs. Tarrant, the Club Management Committee, and all who had helped, Mrs. Tarrant presented the prizes.
The profit will be used to purchase club equipment for the winter season.

W.I. Book 1982

Haversham Fete

Curtains were drawn in Haversham on the morning of June 19th 1982 to reveal pouring rain but enthusiasm was dampened for this popular annual event. Children’s races were run during the morning in the downpour and people arrives in the afternoon sporting umbrellas to watch the opening ceremony and fancy dress parade.

Stalls which were to have been attractively arranged in the grounds surrounding the Social Centre were crammed into the school hall and people happily jostled from stall to the cheerful accompaniment of the Bradwell Band.

The newly formed friends of Haversham School were selling cakes and allowing everyone to vent pent up feelings by smashing old crockery. Cubs had mounted an excellent display of wild life and conservation work, a home produce stall was raising money for the South Atlantic Fund, W.I. were doing a roaring trade with teas and cakes, the weight of the cake was guessed, the bran tub emptied, hot dogs, ice-cream and refreshments from the beer tent consumed, goldfish were won and a brave damp pony gave children rides around the field.

Haversham believes in celebrating well into the night and the day ended with a noisy Family Disco when people from six to sixty danced together and the school hall echoed to the strains of the Birdie Dance and World Cup Song as another Haversham Fete Day came to a successful conclusion.

Haversham Fete 1982