Richard Taylor occurs in 1535 & 1546
Thomas Tutton minister in 1581
Abraham Warwick 1595
Richard Durrant 1605
William Garnett 1657
Thomas Meller 1684
John Coles about 1696
Robert Woodward about 1701 in 1718 Robert Woodwood signed the Bishop's Transcripts as Minister
Robert Creed 1705 & 1714. He came in a second time, 1715; quitted it in 1729, to
Robert Chapman who was minister in 1730
George Periam 1757 - 1779
Edmund Smith 1780 7 Jan. signed the marrriage register - curate
William Jenkins 1780 - 1782 Minister
Evan Davies 1782 signed the marriage register curate of Newport
John Wynter 1782 - 1810
William Smith 1811 signed Minister in marriage register was curate also in 1843
William Irving, B.A. was presented by Matthew Knapp
Leigh D. Spencer
…Phillimore Rev. of Willen [Kelly's Directory 1854]
Moses Magolouth, D.D. LL.D., PH.D. was presented in 1877. He was one of the revivers of the Bible. He died here 25 February 1881, and was buried in the churchyard on the north side of the chancel.
John William Irving M.A. 1869 [Kelly's Directory]
Frederick Brealey M.A. 1883 [Kelly's Directory]
Henry John Hatch, M.A. was presented in 1888, by M.G.S. Knapp. He died, and
Ernest Richard Sill was presented by M.G.S. Knapp, in 1895 also so in [1924 Kelly's Directory]
Henry Andrewes Uthwatt M.A. 1928 resides at Great Linford [Kelly's Directory]
Bernard Mather 1973 signed the last marriage in Little Linford Church Sept 15th Marriage no. 39

In consequence of the union of benefices and Parishes of Haversham and Little Linford where by Parish Church of Haversham becomes the Parish Church of the United Parish, this and duplicate Marriage Register are disused at this point by direction of the Registar for North Bucks Registration District. Dated 3.12.73
Church Wardens
Church Warden 1828 BATTAMS William
Church Warden 1831 PAYNE William
Church Warden 1832 PAYNE William
Church Warden 1833 PAYNE William
Church Warden 1834 PAYNE William
Church Warden 1835 PAYNE William
Church Warden 1836 PAYNE William