Tysoe and Burt photographs - can you help name some of the people please - see contact below ?

Mrs Burt from Duncote
Looks like Mrs. Burt of Duncote
Burt boys?

unknown Tysoe ?
Mother's father she married Henry Burt
Could be James Tysoe born Turvey 1845
Fred Tysoe -
mother's brother
Grampy Burt?

Jim & Connie Burt
Unknown girl
Henry Burt
Fred Tysoe

The Burt household - note the picture top left this is the same lady as in image 2 above

New Bradwell recreation ground one Sunday morning in the summer of 1915
Back row: ?, Nell Pulley, Chic Throsby, Dorrey Orchard, Tommy Singleton, ?
Front row: ?, ?, ?, Eva Hobson, ?, Freda Orchard, Maude Teegle, Gladys West

Victor Algernon Davis

Dorothy ?