Extracts from "Haversham Estate And the Parish I Grew Up In" by David C. Brightman April 2000


An Annual Flower Show was held in a large marquee erected on The Crescent Green and hired from Jack ‘Dodger’ Robinson of Haversham village. He also had a sound film projector with which he used to show films at the Social centre and occasionally in a small green tent. No TV in those days! Mr Jack Redvers Robinson died in May 1975.

The Flower Show and Fete was held about the 3rd week in August 1946 on a field at Field Farm, then later at the P.O.W. Camp after combining with the local Dahlia Society and finally about 1959 on The Crescent Green where the bungalows now are.

The vegetable produce which was locally grown was auctioned off by Mr Cruwys (Ex-R.A.F.) who lived at 23 Brookfield Road. There was a Cup presented by Mrs Kemp called the Dunlugas Cup and was awarded for most prize points gained, there were other Cups presented, but with the passage of time these seem to have been lost in the dark corners of Haversham. The Flower Show was revived in September 1999 and was a huge success with many exhibitors.

L-R Left side: Mr. M. J. Owen, A. Nicolls, J. Mutlow, W. Stonton,
L-R Right side: Mr & Mrs. J. Cox (Judges) Cranfield, - S. Newman