Haversham Youth Club c.1947-8 on P.O.W. Camp Sports-field
Back Row L-R: John Bowler, Ena Rose, R. Holland, P. Hawkins, Wendy Mathews, Silvia Nicholls, A. Grattidge, (behind Mr. Albert Nicholls), Pam Harris, Sheila Newman, Jean Fisher, ... Jelly, B. Mulow
Middle Row L-R: Dylis Roberts, Margaret Saunders, Carol Grattidge, R. Scrivener, David Hillyard, Alan Pooley, Denis Andrews, ?, George Oakes, Bobby Walding
Front Row L-R: N. Sanders, Eileen Hutchins, Juliette Pell, E. Keeves, Jean Bowler, Richard Moore

Haversham's first Youth Club leaders Mr. A. Pooley, Miss P. Kemp, Mr. A. Nicholls
Youth Club New Year Party 1965
Wolverton Express 5th February 1965


The Haversham Youth Club, formed a month ago, now has a membership of 28, with a large waiting list.

The Club which meets on Friday evenings, is for boys and girls and was formed to serve both Haversham and Little Linford.

It has a management committee of 14, appointed by the Social Centre, under the chairmanship of Mr. K. Tull. The secretary is Mrs. C. Huckle.

Mr. A. R. Russel is the leader and Peter Barber and Tony Blake, are the chairman and secretary of the members’ committee.

A football team has been formed and matches and five-a-side games have been played.

Among the forthcoming activities are a jumble sale and pound stall tonight (Friday), and games and quizzes against members of the management committee next week.

Wolverton Express 19th February 1965


The sum of £18 was raised at a jumble sale, organised and manned by Haversham Youth Club, last Friday. After purchasing a set of football jerseys and anew cupboard, the balance is to go to club funds.

Wolverton Express 31st December 1965


Over 65 elderly residents of Haversham and district enjoyed an afternoon tea and evening entertainment in the Social Centre.

The meal had been prepared by the members of the Mother’s Club and financed by the Social Centre. Entertainment was provided by the Brooklands Club Choir, and everyone joined in the community singing with gusto.

Members of the Youth Club particularly Carolyn Potter and Jane Hooton, helped prepare and serve at the party. Thanks were extended to all who helped with transport and with clearing up afterwards.