Wolverton Express 1st November 1968

The fortune family gets back to normal

Only a handful of begging letters have been received by Haversham pools winner Mrs. Margaret Hinde – but one of the came from Sweden.

Fifty-year-old Mrs. Hinde, who won £151,370, was settling back into routine tacking the weekly wash when an “Express” reporter called at her home 6 Wolverton Road, on Monday.

Even when Mrs. Hinde and her husband Jimmy knew that their 23 points dividend was a winner they thought the most they would receive would be £50,000.

Mrs. Hinde was only told of the mammoth prize a few minutes before receiving the cheque and had to sit down and sip a drink to recover from the surprise.

A polls representative went with Mr. and Mrs. Hinde last Friday to a Northampton Bank where the money was paid into their account.

Mr. and Mrs. Hinde have not decides what to do with the money yet but the pools firm will be giving them ample advice on investing the bulk of the win.

In fact the pools firm will give Hindes advice on financial affairs for the rest of their lives even if they never do the pools again.

But Mrs. Hinde is carrying on with her weekly gamble on the pools using the same numbers. “If we win we can always give it away,” she added laughingly.

Although still living in a dream world over their windfall the Hindes are taking life very steadily.

Mr. Hinde packed in his £19 a week job in the Road Vehicle Shop of Wolverton Works last Friday and at the moment is working as “unpaid secretary” for his wife.

Mrs. Hinde, who is well-known in the district as a delivery rounds woman for a Wolverton butcher, is busy catching up with her housework after last week’s celebrations but tomorrow (Saturday) will be back at work helping out with deliveries.

Although they have not spent any money on themselves yet Mr.and Mrs. Hinde have chosen a car for their eldest son Roger who is 21. Both Roger and his younger brother Gregory (18) work at Old Wolverton factory of Richard Daleman Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. Hinde had thought about moving into a bungalow but Mrs. Hinde said that this will still at the back of their minds. “We don’t want to move yet even if we do decide to go. I can’t see where that would bring us happiness to leave all our friends behind. If we move it will only be locally.”

Both Mr. and Mrs. Hinde were given a personal gift by the pools firm and proudly showed them to our reporter. Mr. Hinde had a pure silk tie and his wife a powder compact. Both gifts were inscribed with the “happy circle” motif which only pools of over winners £50,000 are entitled.

And to prove truth to the old saying “money attracts money” at the weekend Mr. Hinde heard he had won £2 in a local competition.